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Under Armour Curry 3,is it worth ?

New shoes Under Amour Curry 3 was release in 2017 . Curry 3 overall is quite good, especially in the application of materials and the grip is almost flawless, as a pair of pure guard shoes ,it can say is almost perfect,But  compared with the Curry 2 of sale last year, Curry 3 was very pale.However here are some advantages of Curry 3 .

1. The super grip as usually .

The grip is the most important to guard shoes , Curry 3 follow the advantage of Curry 2 which super grip , even though we play basketball a variety of indoor venues , we can run back and forth, either stop or speed, it can not beat the Curry 3!

Sole is multidirectional herringbone design, it is similar with Curry 2, but the grip is the same outstanding as usually .The material is slightly soft rubber, we will feel a little stick to the ground some time , and it is almost perfect soles which not wore out  even we play basketball over 10 hours in the indoor venues.

2,Shoes material with good, protection

Vamp of Curry 3 is difference of the previous generation , the outside of braided upper is follow the fashion ,while maintaining a lightweight and sticky design ,but texture will be worse than  Flyknit and Primeknit .Curry 3 also follow the  design of  Anafoam in the Curry 1 . This material is very magical will be fit slowly the foot as you play basketball the number of times , and supporting quite good. It is maintaining a lightweight high support  ,durability and fit  than another brand .

Carbon fiber board inside and outside of shoes are visual support, followed by a huge heel fixed, with rollover prevention design and the soles of the anti torsion support carbon fiber plate, which  are in the display of the Curry 3 ,All of these improve the texture .

3,Good cushioning

It is well known that the Curry series uses the UA’s unique Charged cushioning system. When I was wearing Curry 2 last year, I felt that Charged was basically about the same as Anta KT1’s cushioning EVA, which could be slightly better, but it could be said to be one  Star endorsement in the number of rotten. But Curry 3 makes me feel a little bit better. Charged’s main selling strategy is will be flexible and comfortable when you standing up or walking slowly, you will feel a bit like Adidas Bounce, but you will feel Charged instantly into a brick when you walking fast .

There are some disadvantages of Curry 3,Such as the coverage is not good than previous generation . Curry 3 uses the popular weaving vamps and it is equipped with a very smart material Anafoam can be comfortable and fit and support, but I feel the overall coverage is not as Curry 2 Speed Form material.

As long as pull the shoelaces for Curry 2 , you can feel immediately the upper and the feet as the skin of the pro-fit . However, Curry 3, may be hypertrophy tongue, or not tight enough dynamic shoelace system, you always will feel of a fluffy shoes after lacing.