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The Way to Top Under Armour Curry 2 “All Star”

The Under Armour Curry 2 will don a fresh, clean look during All-Star weekend.

This is a pair we’ve seen before, but nothing official was known at the time. We now know that this is what Curry will rock on-court during the 2016 NBA All-Star game, and they look slick.

The upper is white , the lining is red  with gold UA and SC logo . It is perfect .

Vamp utilized speedform which the core tech of  UA . It is will lockdown well when player wear it .

Nike Curry 2 All Star  is a special design for lacing system . The sole shoelace hole is fixed with two plastic rings of different sizes, which is convenient for wearing the shoe laces and prevents the fabric from being damaged after being damaged for a long time.

The shoelace printed  logo “1996 “,  it should be the year of UA. “I can do all things “was electroplated handwriting by curry in TPU…” Curry will be written on the shoes  in every game from the Bible Philippians 4:13, literal translation is  I can do everything

There are the TPU in the Midsole ,not carton plate but enough to support .

There are TPU material support may be in order to prevent distortion in forefoot sole .

The breathability is good but easy to produce wrinkles

Here are some details which from five aspects,: cushioning , grip and wear resistance, protection, comfort and breathability. Each score of 10 points. I am tall 178cm ,68 kg .

1.Cushioning :score 8

Curry 2 utilized the Charged tech  in the sole in order to cushioning support, compare with the ADIDAS’ boost ,  i cant feel the soft ,but is is  amazing that player on court in outside . My knee was hurt before , but my my knee not feel the pressure and hurt  after play long time . I am thinking the forefeet utilized the micro G cushioning with supper grip .

2.Grip and wear resistance score 9.5

The grain of Curry 2 ‘s sole  is deep , which the large area of grip , i can do everything what i want .

About the wear resistance , I just play two court –outside and inside , maybe need more time to test .

3.Protection Score 7

I am corned about the protectionability that I hurt my knee before .  But Curry 2 . I am a little the disappointment. The support of ankle and heel is thin , i am a little worry when i am running and jumping .

4.comfort: score 9

About comfort, as mentioned above, All both two generation use speedform technology, the package is very tight, the vamp fully fit feet, with the death of the shoe pad, there is no slip phenomenon in actual game .

5.Breathability: score 8

Breathability is good compare with  previous few pairs of UA , but not very good than Nike shoes

Composite score: 8.3 points. Curry 2 is very good signature player  shoes, Iit JRs is worth starting.

Overall , Curry 2 is amazing for fans . Not only the material and support , it is worth .