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wave rider 23 Performance Review

I first encountered Mizuno  when I was fresh from college 10 years ago. It was at the time that I made up my mind to start running. Then I picked a pair of Mizuno shoes to accompany me along the running and it also helped me finish  the first half marathon in my life. But it impressed the most in the second half by its bounce in the rear part of the shoes. Notwithstanding I’ve tried many running shoes during these years, that feeling had been engraved on my mind. So years later when I came into Mizuno  shoes once again, I just can not help but take a shot.

My first feeling of the shoes was it looked quite simple and low-key, or it can be even said to be conservative. So the shoes can not only be worn for running, but also a nice and wise match in everyday life.

For Nike shoes, I usually pick size 41, but for this wave rider 23, I have to pick a smaller size. At 281 grams, a shoe weighs as much as seven eggs, which isn’t particularly lightweight in the eyes of current runners who are crazy about light running shoes, but it’s not as stressful for muscular runners as well.

The core technology of Mizuno is the WAVE at the heel. As can be seen from the image, the shock and rebound function of WAVE can be clearly felt especially for runners who land on the heel. And this is what I have mentioned at the beginning, the unforgettable feeling.

The  insoles of the shoes are excellent with the front part 5 mm thick which is just the part that will stun you. And you are most likely to exclaim its softness and comfortableness.

In the rear part of the sole which wears out most easily , there has been some improvement so that the shoes can last longer. This is small change though, it is a great help and span the length of the shoes’ life.

Wherever I go, whether I am on business trip or go traveling, I always carry a pair of running shoes in my suitcase, which has become a habit during these years. And last time when I was on a business trip, I took this wave rider 23 with me and wore it for a running. And the truth was the shoes still gripped very well and I have to own that the outsoles did have a good anti-skid property. Even if I was walking on the wet beach steps, it gripped as well as before. So its performances simply has nothing to do with weather, temperature and the grounds.

For the shoe’s wrapping, it is overall good and my feet will not slip inside the shoes. Some reviewers even said that even if they had wrongly picked a bigger size, the wrapping was still not bad.


In a nutshell, this is a pair of running shoes for regular jogging and beginners, especially those who land on their heels during running; they surely will benefit from the WAVE’s shock and rebound. Of course, it is also a pair of casual shoes suitable for daily life.