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Air Jordan 7 Hare Performance reviews

Jordan wore the Air Jordan 7 (VII) Original Hares during the season, which lead to his second NBA Championship. it is a perfect sneakers as so far And  The  Air Jordan 7 Hares received its nickname from a commercial with Bugs Bunny lacing up a pair of Original Jordan VII “Hare”.

Today We are talking about it .

The Hare Jordan 7 features a tongue with a splash of orange and green to nod at Bugs’ cigar-like obsession with carrots while the subtle white and grey upper allows for a Chicago-like True Red to stand out


For the material , Air Jordan 7 utilized the good quality leather to improve the texture feeling for the player .It have a breath hole in the side . that is great if the hot whether .And the colorway is his favorite.

There is a disappointed that the sneakers have  multi folds, scratch more moderate deformation, toe also will be distortion soon if you play longer .

For the traction ,The sole is really a mirror that reflects the way the shoe owner plays. Because if you often breakthrough and stop, you will be feel that the traction is enough to do it .  you dont worry  about the performance .it is great and excellent for the traction . And the bottom line which more improve the grip .


For supporting ,actually the material is a little soft , so the supporting is just so so .Maybe the heel that there are more filler and high top style .So I feel comfortable  even player longer .



There are the stretch that help us to wear .And the 23 logo as the symbol of Jordan .

the tongue is soft and there are also have a logo .JORDAN 

Overall ,the Air Jordan 7 is worth  to buy . the good looking and great cushioning . You never miss it .

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Air Jordan 32 Performance Review

Air Jordan XXX2 is the most heavyweight Sneaker and popular  shoes this year, as the design inspiration by Air Jordan 2 , Jordan Brand  will also be a lot of the latest technology into it.

Air Jordan has been synonymous with “top configuration” shoes, as the highest actual combat basketball shoes on the sneaker world , and  it is integrated into the trend, fashion elements.


How about Air Jordan XXX2 actual performance? are they meet for flying boots consistently high expectations? Compared to the Air Jordan XXX1 that hasn’t gone down the market, does XXX2 have enough reason to buy?

Russell Westbrook with us to test this shoes in Shanghai ,China today .

Inspired by the Air Jordan 2, which follows in the theme of paying tribute to the early days.And as the  two NBA All-Stars signed to Jordan Brand are making sure  that the Air Jordan 32 will fit his playing style on court. For the Russell , it is exactly as his sneaker which performance excellent .Especial the color , it is bright and hot , just like the Russell  who  excellent basketball skills .

For the setting of sneakers , Air Jordan XXX2 can be called top practical basketball shoes in this year .

Air Jordan XXX2 has used Nike’s Flyknit technology which lands on the uppers along with high tenacity yarn which aids in stretch, support and zonal lockdown. And it utilize Flight Speed technology that unleashes energy from the Zoom Air units.Maybe a lot of fans will love it just see the excellent setting .

Actual for the combat basketball shoes , we should not pay too much attention to breathability of  shoes . Because of as for enhanced breathability, the stability, protection and durability of the vamp will be greatly reduced!
Air Jordan XXX2 uses a woven upper, but in order to improve stability and durability, a high-density multi weave has been carried out. Compared to plastic shoes and leather shoes, its  breathability is good!

Good wrapping keeps your feet lock down in sneakers!

The  new knit uppers with thickened sponge heels, the improved uppers design, and then lace system , it is tight package  for your feet , so that we can  feel very secure and protection.

For the traction ,Using herringbone traction pattern, the sole makes sure you have multidirectional grip on the court.And  starting and accelerating bring explosive pulse affection .  Breakthrough is more flexible and easy to manipulate in disguise after commissioning of the Zoom air Air .

Basketball is a excellent  sport which a lot of people are interested . and for everyone, support and stability are important criteria for judging sneaker .
Through some years development of sneakers , Air Jordan XXX2 used the Flight Speed technology which lighter , corrosion resistance, anti torsion support stability of an hand in a velvet glove material, the material is excellent . It is improve the ankle protection and prevent deformation of sneakers .
A Flight speed  with carbon plates, it is similar to the springboard of divers which  provides effective support for the force of basketball by “deformation – rebound”.

Air Jordan XXX2 was inspirited by Air Jordan 2  which is  used Flyknit woven shoes with uppers in the  first time , and joined the design concept of hidden lace stitching, using a variety of different materials in leather uppers. Air Jordan XXX2  is the first middle  with lower hand shoes issued simultaneously!

the lace system is special .

Michael Jordan’s shoe was banned by the NBA. Air Jordan 32 with   the ‘Rosso Corsa’ edition which pays tribute to its roots in Italy. In addition we have ‘Bellissimo’ on the inside of the tongue

“We’ve always explored new materials and technology to create the best game shoe,” said Michael Jordan in a statement. “That was evident when we went to Italy to make the II, and it still rings true today.

overall ,AIR JORDAN 32 will be surprised to us .let us stay tuned it on the website : .


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Jordan Super.Fly 2017 Deconstructed Report

The Jordan Super.Fly 2017 featuring Nike React is the ultimate tool was released in this summer .

“Every basketball player relies on footwork. Our shoes need to be effective for all moves on the court,” says Jordan VP of Design, David Creech, So the design of Jordan Super.Fly 2017 is meet the versatile basketball player and their requirement of balanced footwork .

Today we are Dismantling the sneakers .




First of all, as a pair of 44.5 yard shoes, the weight of 412g is relatively light, so the design may be just to alleviate the burden of flying. According to the shoe released’s picture is not difficult to see that the SF2017 version and the first color is not red by the same two kinds of shoe uppers, specifically what is the difference, may have to wait until the first listing in order to contrast color.

Fly2017 versions that offer nubuck forefoot overlays.and the inner layer boots are equipped with flying wire and wrapped by outer boots. The first step of disassembly is to cut the outermost vamp with art knife.The rear sections of those shoes are a compression-like neoprene material that suck your feet into the shoe and it feels great.I like this model which I played in used patent leather, it is a bit more stiff and supportive

Cutting the boots,we can see the details clearly .The vamp embedded with flykyrie  enhance and support wrapping .With the Super.Fly 2017, we continue one of the core tenants of Jordan design: A smooth toe piece. Additionally, the script on the medial ankle reminds of our legacy in Flight,” notes Creech. Toe heel is composed of viscose reinforcement, sponge fillers and TPU assembly.


Subsequent dismantling process is still using the knife to cut , we can see more details 

The  sponge is great .

A smooth toe piece which unitized the bounce material  .that  is the best reason that I loved .It did its job well.i can feel great when I player longer .Comfort and response are also key characteristics .that s it is .


Heel TPU which plastic sheet material , and it is look relatively thin.

However, I do love how the cushion was implemented full-length because it makes me feel great ,Whether it’s a spin move, crossover or jump stop.A shank plate between the Nike React foam and the outsole adds rigidity and manages torque.

In order to see its true face, the use of hand saws will do the demolitions in the bottom of the vertical cut in half.

Red painted black should be part of the React,the black parts  is  Phylon material, rubber outsole is red and white color parts.  The midsole is embedded with a small piece of TPU (black part on the picture) to increase the torsional resistance of the shoe.

React uses a thin thick full-length ,compare with the HD14,the entire React region will be stiff then  Lunar .However ,the 17 rebound effect in general. In fact,The Jordan Super.Fly 2017 ‘s feedback is generally not enough to provide adequate resilience  which to help start and jump force , but because it is larger than the material density is greater than Lunar, life may be extended.

Overall , The Jordan Super.Fly 2017 is so close to being perfect.Comfort and response are also key characteristics of the form-fitting, one-piece upper. Allowing for a natural fit, regardless of lace tightness, this method of construction supports multiple athlete preferences and harnesses explosiveness.

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Nike KD 10 Performance Review

Back in March we reported that the Nike KD 10  was scheduled for a release on June 5th. That timing is perfect as it falls in line with the 2017 NBA Finals, where the Warriors are currently the favorite to represent the Western Conference. The Finals would be the perfect platform for KD to debut his new shoes; the last time he was in the NBA Finals in 2011, he wore a PE of the Nike KD 4.
The nickname of the shoe, Still KD, let’s everyone know that regardless of what went down this past year or so, at the core, KD is still KD.
Now let’s get it .
It is Not have a difference in looking by design of Leo Chang .The Nike KD 10 design is not too far of a departure from the KD 9 and KD 9 Elite.

Here are the details :
1. Nike KD 10 Performance Review Material
Flyknit everywhere.The White Flyknit upper is the paired up with the Chrome hits on the branding that ends up matching up quite nicely.The most important is KD 10 is comfortable . I love the materials that were used on the Nike KD 10.Additional White on the laces, lining and sole unit complete the godly motif of the shoe. Everyone will be attraction by this design .
KD 10 used the TPU which heat was applied to stress zones and the toebox area to weld the TPU and knit together for strength and durability.That is great for plying .Especial KD 10 ‘S tull length which no procrastination, no restraint, and improve ankle packing by thickening the heel.KD 10 brings us a suprise.

2.Nike KD 10 Performance Review Supporting /Fit
The heel area worked beautifully, but the midfoot which containment caused a sloppy fit which reduced the support offered. KD 10 used nylon lace loops rode up the sidewall of the shoe a bit more .Using a setup like this really has me appreciating the current method of lacing — nylon loops that run down the foot and attach at the footbed. yeah , you’d have the KD 9 Elite, and you likely wouldn’t have had a sloppy fit. Despite the base of the shoe being a solid platform, it just wasn’t enough to say these are cutting it in the support department. The pieces are there, they just dont do job together.

For me , I bought a small half of size .but for wide footers, you’ll be good going true to size .

3.Nike KD 10 Performance Review Cushioning

KD 10 usd Full-length Max Zoom Air in midsole . The cushion here offers the same thing that the best impact protection Nike currently has available like KD 9. It’s still articulated in the forefoot .so you can move about the court without too much restriction.But there is a weakness that it is fast breaking . You can checking the picture .

Overall .KD 1o is amazing shoes that worthy to buy .The fashion looking and white colorway .Also the cushioning and support is great .Yeah , it is fast breaking when playing

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Nike Air Max Uptempo 2 Performance Review

Its first sale is in 1994 year, which is  the most  popular classic basketball shoes in the mid-90s.

Today we retaking about it .

For the boxes , it is nothing special . just only a big NIKE  logo on the box.


The Nike Air Max Uptempo 2 “Urban Haze” featuring the perfect balance of lifestyle suede in a tonal olive green .They are close enough to have nostalgic sneaker fiends satisfied.


For the material ,The upper utilized the  mesh material combination, olive green is not publicity, but suede’s  is really hard to care , the  suede materiail  is difficult to wash .That is only the  reason  I hate it .But it is a  fashion material in the sneaker world .


Shoelace design is actually follow the Air Jordan 10 , it seems that the technology was still very useful at the time.

The shoes lace design is the same as the Air Jordan 10  .


This pair of shoes is followed  aj31 design , we can see that this technology  still used in the sneaker , but it is the  zoom air cushion is new technology and will be popular now ,  convenient, and comfortable .

The Nike Air Max Uptempo 2 followed one of the most popular releases of ’95 with the original Uptempo.

The Uptempo 2 benefited from a truly unique 180 degree Air Max unit on the heel for extra support and even included a graphic pattern inside for a twist. The upper includes lifestyle touches of suede to contrast the sports mesh throughout while an off-white Sail midsole/outsole unit adds a distinct yet clean finish.

White outsole is very nice, but easy to aging, in fact, this pair of I wear a few times,  the grip is excellent , Feeling this pattern is the most scientific compare with the Air Jordan 3.


This shoes with air max cushioning, in fact, should be air sole, then there are words on behalf of the sole technology

There are a Nike log o on the side .

The Nike Air Max Uptempo 2 “Urban Haze” featuring the perfect balance of lifestyle suede ,it is beautiful and classic one in the sneaker world . And the grip is excellent . It  is worth to buy . How do you thinking ?

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Nike LeBron 12 Performance Review

LeBron James may be one of the biggest names on the basketball court, Also in the sneaker world .

And LeBron-branded shoe sales top those of any active NBA players, but shoes branded in Jordan’s name still top the overall market, despite the fact that the former Chicago Bull quit the game for good in 2002.

Today we are talking about it

I know Lebron said he had some toe issues but I’m also guessing he felt that pinch between the insole and upper whenever he’d cut.So he will choose the sneaker strictly .

For out box ,there is nothing special .But have the logo of Lebron

There are the name of Lebron of the side

For traction : The Lebron 12 uses a multidirectional outsole pattern which you will find inside the individual hexagons plus an outer rubber for added traction.  According to James forehead pressure distribution, designer  placed the six hexagonal to share the pressure . This pattern works decently as long as you wipe and performs much better than the XI ,I didn’t feel any slipping throughout all my runs and you’re good to go with sudden stops and change in direction. The hexagonal units always make contact with the ground pretty evenly so you get a good amount of grip all the time.

For cushioning : The Lebron 12 features Hexagonal Zoom Air cushioning which has individual six hexagon zoom units mapped to the pressure points of the foot, plus zoom in the heel.Zero bounce or responsiveness which disappointed me because they look great. Granted, i couldn’t feel the difference in pressure when running orsudden stops and change in direction. It did its job well . The hexagon zoom not only improve the grip ,but also decrease the pressure from jump pr fall down .

For supporting : Hyperposite used in James 12 , this is the reason why I  choose it . it is lock your ankles and heel in place and wrap around it well. I actually feel like it is a hindrance and takes away from the natural feeling the shoe could have had. In addition  outriggers to keep your foot from rolling over.  You c an feel your feet always be protected by sneakers .

For fit :They fit true to size. But for the wilder footer ,I suggest that you can buy over a half size ,I loved  this lockdown because of  excellent lacy system .

Overall ,James 12 have good and comfortable cushioning, good fit and traction, and lots of support , I have to say dont miss it .

How about your opinion ?

Please share it with us as below .


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Nike Zoom Kobe Venomenon 6 Performance Review

Time flies, venomenon has been more series.
The Kobe Venomenon 5 burst onto the scene and garnered some notable attention for the unique heel pattern, excellent traction, plenty of Zoom Air, and a truly unique heel counter featuring a jagged print inspired by Kobe’s Sheath Logo.It has been got high reputation so far

And now Nike has brought back the Venomenon series with the Nike Kobe Venomenon 6.Utilizing what looks to be a mesh build and fuse welded overlays with light ice  blue ,that is amazing for summer ,especially for this summer  which more a lot of sneakers debuted such as curry 4 and so on .It was a view of this summer for the most popular colorway.

Compare with the Venomenon 5 which featured bottom-loaded Zoom units in both the forefoot and heel, and while that isn’t the ideal set up for many.Venomenon 6 with new and fresh colorway at least for summer . and  for the setting ,Venomenon 6 following up the 5 , and improve for some parts .Judging by the outsole, that set up is returning in the Venomenon 6.

The Venomenon 6 should be a solid addition to the small lineup of outdoor-friendly hoop shoes.



A heel Zoom Air unit can be seen through the outsole window but there is Zoom Air branding on the rubber toe area . because of the zoon air unit used , so  6 did its job well when playing . I can feel the bounce  when fall to down . but we hope it’ll also be in place at the forefoot.







TPU houses the rest of the midsole ,it  means the midsole is made up by Lunar or something other than Phylon.  that is a great news that Lunar used . And Phylon actually is snug. I can not feel tired even playing long time .Otherwise, caging the midsole would be a strange move. Synthetic leather is placed at the rear of the shoe which should house an internal heel counter.That is great  .

The heel of the shoe is placed on the top of Kobe’s logo. The rope is matched with the surround and protect materials from the bottom to the heel. It makes the shoes both beautiful and practical and brings full protection to the heel.

For traction,Traction looks to be based off of the Nike Kobe 6 and recent Kobe A.D. so the Venomenon 6 should be fairly solid on-court option but we’re left questioning its durability outdoors.


The mesh and fuse tooled pair looks like it could use a Swoosh on the side panel

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Air Jordan XXX black cat performance reviews

Michael Jordan’s “Black Cat” alter ego has served as a pivotal design and color inspiration for Jordan Brand many years .No one can reject this brand till now .All of fans like “Black Cat” many year , including me .So luck that I got it in some month ago.

Today we are talking this one

These feature a blacked out woven upper with the only hits of color coming from the translucent outsole, globe emblem and galaxy print on the midsole.

 For material :Jordan  brand keeps remaining their own tech Combination of woven, knit and printed materials used. The comfortable of upper improve the wrapping on the feet .Especial the ankle of wrapping , I feel great when I playing long time .

For cushioning : The tooling remains the same as the previous air jordan, so the cushion setup is pretty much identical .TPU that wrapped the midsole was Flightspeed. The good thing about this change is that the heel compress and is very comfortable.


For supporting : The air Jordan 30 fit true to size.

For traction : Rubber outsole is durable , I played two hours , but there is not any effect for the traction .


Overall , “Black Cat”  fashion design and comfortable material ,it is worth to buy .

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Under Armour Curry 4 Performance Review


The NBA Finals took Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors to Cleveland which he wore a new UA Curry 4. This one is the most popular in this summer. Whatever the official site or another social site. It has been the hottest one in the sneaker world.

This summer will release three  colorways  for Curry 4 away

Today we are talking two of them .

One is  features a predominate Black upper which features a mixture of synthetic nubuck on the overlays while having an extended sock like collar. The most apecial design is the use of Metallic Gold that lands on the SC branding.

As for the Parade edition of the Under Armour Curry 4, they feature a clean Gold and Black color theme. Featuring Black knitting across the collar and tongue.

Now we can see the details as below:

For traction: The rubber used is pretty firm so the Curry 4 would be a viable option outdoors compare with Curry 3. Especial the crystals traction used which a bit more aggressive than what is used on the 3

For material: Curry 4 utilized the predominate Black upper which features a mixture of synthetic nubuck. It is improving the ventilation, that is the best reason what I love. I can feel snug even playing longer. High tensile threads are used throughout the lateral side of the shoe and provide you with a comfortable fit without sacrificing any support. So this why attraction a lot of fans.

For cushion : Charged is used once again and it’s pretty firm. It is still follow the Curry 3 which the cushion is excellent.There is an Ortholite insole which aids in step-in comfort, that why it comfort once you start moving around on-court quickly . Also there is no longer hesitation once you fall and fast running.

For supporting: Curry 4 still sock collar design, so it is excellent for lockdown our feet.The exaggerated midsole sculpts into the heel counter for additional security. The midsole sculpts did its job well when torsion support. That is the same as Curry 3.

Overall, much like the Curry 1 and 2,3, the Curry 4 is a great shoe on-court.  The size was true. Whatever the traction, and material or design, these are my least favorite in terms of cushion which much too firm for me, but speedy guards will likely enjoy their time in these.


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Nike Hyperdunk 2017 Low Performance Review

The Nike Hyperdunk series is now in its eighth consecutive summer. The Nike Hyperdunk hasn’t been one to stick with tradition as Nike Basketball has overhauled and reworked each yearly model ,thought a lot of people will complain this newest , such as the design ,cushion and so on .

Today we get a look at three new Nike Hyperdunk 2017 Low TB “Team Bank” colorways for a generic team-matching selection in Team Red, Black, and Wolf Grey.


First ,we can see close Nike Hyperdunk 2017 Low .

For material : Nike Hyperdunk 2017 Low used the Jacquard tooling  on the upper which more fashion in the this summer .Nike Basketball has decided to overhaul the design of the model with brand new REACT cushioning technology.

An updated ‘HD’ logo hits the synthetic suede tongue for a simple, memorable hoops offering


For cushioning: React cushioning technology used, it is similar to last model , though TB have not zoom unit , but we still can feel a sense of  comfortable . TB have been did its job well ,there is no hesitation when falling .

For Supporting : I played two hours in the outside , and I feel great for the suppoting . but it is need time to test .


For ventilation:Because of the material .so ventilation is excellent , I can feel comfortable even I playing a long time .


For traction: Last year was the first year on record that Nike introduced the Nike Hyperdunk in Elite form, and this year will continue that progress with a Flyknit option and the Nike Hyperdunk 2017 Low. The springy traction system also acts as a new way to give a quick first step and will appear on Blake Griffin’s Jordan Super.Fly 2017 as well. The line of bottom is improving the grip .that is great compare with last model .

Overall , “Team Bank” colorways for a generic team-matching selection in Team Red which is more and more popular in this hot summer , especial the comfortable material design.

How about your opinion for TB ? just share with us as below.