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Off-White x Nike Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit White Performance Review

The Nike  2017 was also a part of “The 10″ Collection. Made in collaboration with Off-White and designed by Virgil Abloh, they were a part of the “Ghosting” Series. The whole “THE 10” series is divided into two subject theme, which are the “REVEALING” that  emphasizes the deconstruction and reshaping and the “GHOSTING” that used semi permeable materials. Today, we will look at the THE 10:HYPERDUNK 2017 FK using the semitransparent material. Coming in “Triple White,” they sport a reconstructed translucent upper, featuring a semi-revealing material to tie-in with the theme.

Original color shoe box, printed with “SWOOSH”

There are  information between the side of the shoe box and the Off-White

The special paper look great .

This one  looks totally unique and barely resembles the original silhouette. In true form, Virgil Abloh strays from convention and manages to create something which sits in a league of its own.

The basketball silhouette instantly grabs attention with the lettering “FOAM” written across the white midsole. it is look nice . And that’s just the start as this shoe features striking detailing across the upper. I can feel the material is  soft with  white mesh gets hit with a black coloured Swoosh and vibrant orange detailing features to the sidewall.

For the  supporting  : the high collar design actually amazing . and especially for the material which more comfortable , also it will help us to lockdown and protection the heel.

For the material ;Various materials are found throughout, as well as a red zip-tie and branding on the tongue, black branding throughout the rest of the shoe and a translucent outsole. 

The shoes “anti switch button”, with the joint information

The tongue printed   SWOOSH LOGO

Flyknit and it’s super comfortable around the foot. From the reinforced toebox with nylon yarns to the modified stretch tongue, Flyknit on a basketball shoe has really come a long way.

There are more details of  the side 

For the cushioning .it is followed the Hyperdunk Flyknit 2016 with full-length Zoom  , the court feeling is great . and the  gripping great ,The Swoosh is always innovating, so I wouldn’t call it a failure, but it’s an evolved version of Lunar in my opinion.

For the traction : Semitransparent rubber outsole with  orange SWOOSH LOGO , it is look nice . and the traction actually not easy to keep clean ,but the griping is great . for me , it is just enough to playing . A synthetic translucent cage adds further support and “SHOELACES” insignia is another not-so subtle nod to industrial design influences. Finally, as with each shoe in the Off-White x Nike collection, a synthetic cable tie finishes the exclusive look nicely.

For the insole , there are the Antiskid particles

we can the data of  insole .

the weight of shoes  just have the 396.2 g 

Overall,The 10:HYPERDUNK 2017 FK HYPERDUNK 2017 FK appearance great . the  midsole have been translucent material added SOCK DART rubber and plastic material to bring you a strap shoes taste function. The shoes size is too small, low uppers. In the end the whole hard wear, after a period of time, the REACT material will be more fit, comfort will improve a lot.