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Nike Air Foamposite One “Royal Blue” Performance Review

Nike Air Foamposite One was made famous by Penny Hardaway and a college Mike Bibby (he broke them out during his NCAA March Madness run in 1997 despite the Royal Blue shade being a bit lighter than his Arizona uniform).For the “Royal Blue”, it is make up  with comfort and easy style. The shoe’s design is arresting and unique. Although the shoe runs narrow and small, most feel that this could be remedied by going up a half to a full size higher.

Today we are talking about it.

Nike Air Foamposite One “Royal Blue”  has been a groundbreaking release in the past with a cult-following in certain cities – just listen to basically any Wale song to hear the DMV native talk about the model’s importance throughout Washington D.C. The colorway is amazing  and it is look so cool .the colors look much more vibrant in person, especially in the sunlight and it can  go with most types of clothes.

For the material : actually the foam material is harder , if  you  like the Adidas material which soft and comfortable ,maybe this is not the one you are looking for. it is not comfortable but it will help a lot for supporting and protection .and the lace system is great to lockdown your feet.A couple of individuals stated that the 3M laces were the ‘cherry on top’ of an already good thing.

For the supporting ,the  supporting is amazing , some of supporting  from the material , it is look great .Carbon Fiber used can give us more feeling and the great supporting .It would have been better had the heel fit properly but maybe it can’t have everything we want now can we.

For the cushioning :  I can not feeling it actually , and it is not good …..if you are looking for the great cushioning setting , maybe it not the best choice for you .. Having the double last midsole is addition to the stiff upper is like trying to run with bricks attached to your feet. I don’t like it .

For the traction : this is the best part that I like. The Air Foamposite One’s soles had good is clearly but simple. it just wasn’t ideal for indoor courts unless they are kept perfectly clean.the grip is amazing . and also it followed the last version and seems a little improve for the material . Front to back they were decent at best but players often need stable traction for every direction other than front to back.  if you are a Guard running around ,maybe it great for you.  If the shoe offered more flex or range of motion then maybe things would have been different .Outdoors may prove useful if the court has a bit of texture to it, so you can try it outdoors



Overall, the colorway is amazing , and  the heel lockdown I would have preferred the shoe to not feature a double last midsole. so if you like it , dont miss it .