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Russell Westbrook with Jordan Why Not Zero.1 Released Details

Whatever on the basketball , or in the  life,  Russell Westbrook has own special style.with his attitude  of undaunting and  challenge.He did the perfect job since high school, he has followed a simple principle on the field : when facing a challenge, he will face  the difficulties rather than escape.

Jordan Brand has unveiled Russell Westbrook’s first on-court signature shoe known as the Jordan Why Not Zer0.1. Westbrook will wear the ‘Mirror Image’ PE tonight as the Thunder take on the Lakers at Staples Center.

So what does  the  mean “Why Not?”  It is  Westbrook’s  spirit that face the  difficulties  and his dressing style will be attraction by a lot of people .  but now, with the launch of his first pair of personal signature shoes, Jordan Why Not Zer0.1,  he will share  his life  with his fans


As a child who grew up in Losangeles , Westbrook has been seems low of people  queued up to buy other’s signature shoes from childhood, so he realize that how lucky  to get a pair of  signature shoes. But now he has own  signature shoes this day .


Jordan Why Not Zer0.1, designed for or the dynamic game and personality of the reigning MVP and fashion king. The smooth upper  design is one of the highlights of the shoes.It features  a fused mesh upper, smooth vamp cover.It meets the needs of Westbrook and plays the role of two aspects. First, and the most important  it solves the core requirements for Westbrook shoes:wrapping . Westbrook used to force  toes to  ready to shoot, or  grab  a rebound  anytime. Therefore, he needs the shoe to ensure   balance when he shooting or ready to face the impact after  he changes the direction .Besides,  sneakers is full of  Westbrook’s personal style with specific performance requirements and Jordan brand concept. The three brand concept are  integrated to the shoes. Meantime ,the sneakers are specially equipped with the fabric shoe upper, full length Zoom Air unit and compression molded  the CMP (compression-molded Phylon) integrated engineered for flight.




Russ’s on-court debut is a PE version of the “Mirror Image” colorway, a style that displays his desire to tell personal stories through colorways. Each shoe uses cut out images to represent Michael Jordan (left) and Russell Westbrook (right).



In order to ensure get the feedback clearly ,   Westbrook worked closely with Jordan design team and Wilson Taylor (Wilson), the equipment manager of the thunder team. Russell is a man of careful . He will pay attention to every detail when testing the shoes.  Taylor said.
Taylor was responsible recorded  Westbrook’s idea and after each test, he would share some feedback with them . He would want to make a perfect shoes even the   the lining.It’s a good interactive processor their cooperate

Westbrook wants to design  a  comfortable shoes. Therefore, the record fit and wear feeling every time . He hopes to have a great confidence in his shoes, even if it means he needs to focus on the various minutiae. The most important thing is what kind of comfort and safety shoes can provide. Westbrook wants to move and jump at high speed, which is very important
“In the process of design, what I like most is telling stories.” Westbrook said, “it’s an interesting thing to tell my story with different shoes and different times of the season.”


Westbrook looks forward to his signature shoes can get widespread attention. This pair of shoes full of futuristic style, but also has a look at the charm.


Why Not Zer0.1 Commercial Edition “Mirror Image” Color, will be on sale January 15 in the  China, “2-Way” color will be February 1 in  China for sale.Please stay tuned our website ,we will be continued to  update the newest news