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Jordan 12 Playoff 2012 Retro

Jordan 12 Playoff 2012 Retro

Personal Information:

Height: 188cm, Weight: 68-70kg

Testing Time: more than 5 basketball games

Field: outdoor cement court

Traction Performance: 8/10 scores

The outsole is classic herringbone pattern. The traction performance is good.

Durability: 9/10 scores

The outsole is stiff, and the leather is strong, the durability is good.

Cushion Performance:9/10 scores

Jordan 12 Playoff 2012 Retro uses full-length Zoom Air cushion. The feedback of Zoom Air cushion is obviously. The cushion performance is excellent. This kind of configuration is suitable for front line, centre forward and defender. If you are flexible type,

Fitness: 7/10 scores

The shoe tree is wide, it’s suitable for the wide foot. But my foot is thin type, so I need to choose half size smaller. The shoelaces design is traditional type. I need to fasten the shoelaces tightly.

The counter of Jordan 12 is the outside Phylon and built-in plastic plate. It also needs time to break-in. If you buy the right size, it will fit your foot well.

Vamp Support: 10/10 scores

The leather material is strong, and it has upturning outboard Phylon to reinforce the supporting performance.

Anti-rollover Performance: 8.5/10 scores

Jordan 12 doesn’t have outrigger on the forefoot sole. The Phylon of forefoot is stiff, the supporting performance is good. The outsole is stable. So the anti-torsion performance is great.

Anti-torsion Performance: 10/10 scores

Jordan 12 has stiff full-length sprint plate. It’s stiffer than Jordan 11. So it needs time to break-in.

Air Permeability:3/10 scores

As you know, the air permeability of leather vamp is bad.

Weight: 7/10 scores

The unit weight is 583g. It’s heavy. The heavy weight will effect defending.

Design:10/10 scores

The designer Thinker designed Jordan 10 to Jordan 14 twenty years ago. The design is on the top level. The disadvantage is the air permeability of full-length leather.
Overall Performance: 81/100 scores

The overall performance of Jordan 12 is good, But it needs a little long time to break-in Jordan 12. If the strength of your feet is strong, you can have a try.