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Clifton4 Performance Review

As a running lover, I’ve heard of the Asics that is famous for its cushioning performance for thousands of times, but I knew little about Hoka One One that is, relatively speaking, a niche brand. But later I searched for some information online and have now caught up with some related knowledge. And I know that of the brand there are many excellent shoes, among which Clifton 4 is very satisfying. To be honest, I was not so optimistic about the Clifton series the first time I saw the shoes. However, those who have worn the Clifton shoes before all paid very high commendations for them. 

As for this pair of Clifton 4, it is mainly orange in the outside appearance and the overall design is relatively simple. But the thick sole is more conspicuous and makes it much more like a height-increasing shoe.

The vamp adopts the seamless vamp design and also the brand new fabric that, by nature,  has very good softness and air permeability. And special support materials are also used in the vamp that  is said to be the latest support structure and can be very light.

As you can see in the pictures, you might have thought that the midsole was just  this thick. It is not the case, however.  If you take a closer look at the shoes, you’ll find there are indeed two layers of midsole and the color of the upper midsole is a bit similar to that of the vamp.  Inn terms of their functions, the upper one can fix the feet inside the shoe, thus increasing stability. And the lower one adopts relatively hard EVA material, whose thickness greatly increases the cushion and resilience.

The heel here is hard enough that it can improve the support and stability of the shoe.

The outermost layer of the outsole uses the wear-resisting rubber and can effectively improve the sole durability. And at the same time, there’s a large area of hollowed-out design, reducing the weight of the shoes as well as providing excellent grip and skid resistance during running. 

The insoles can increase wrapping, making the feet more stable in the shoe; it has also a certain extent of softness and thickness, enhancing the shoe’s shock absorption performance.

When wearing the shoes, I can obviously feel the tight but not stressful wrapping as well as comfort and lightness of the shoes. With such a thick sole, it is certain that many people will consider it very heavy, but the opposite is true. And no less certain is it that the thick soles can easily result in spraining our ankles during running, but it isn’t the case, either.

Personally, after several runs, I felt like I was about to become a Clifton fan. And even in this extremely hot summer, the new mesh fabric can quickly take the heat away from the shoes, so I can feel cool underfoot all the time. Besides, there is good rebound in the midsole that can effectively absorb the impact of shock when landing.


The Clifton 4 appears to be simple but delicate as well. With good air permeability, the shoes are bound to be a good companion in the summer days. And its cushioning performance is much better than that of the Asics Kayano I’ve worn before. In a word, this Clifton 4 can be very nice equipment for all runners.