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Close Look and Opening: E02041A

This E02041 A was released around 3.21, if my memory serves me right. And then I received the new shoes sent by the brand on March 19th when the stadium was not open because of the epidemic. But now, in retrospect, I feel rather honored to be bestowed the opportunity to experience the brand’s latest product in advance.

The first glance when I opened the shoe box left me an impression that it was a familiar design of the brand and gave me an awesome feeling. From my point of view, its appearance is more of a traditional conservative  design rather than the kind of swanking.

Talking about Peak’s tech, one of  the most impressive ones is actually the DH3 with full-foot P-motive. Besides, there are many other excellent ones. The huge TPU torsion plastic sheet linking the fore and the rear part is strong enough that it can not be removed. And there is also a “⚡” to indicate its identity.

The outsole is made of translucent crystal, with herringbone stripes which some have evaluated as having a good grip. Besides, the outside of the forefoot is anti-roll convex design so as to increase the contact area to prevent excessive overturning.

The toe design is like being covered by something; the texture feels like  slightly thickened woven material which ensures good wrapping and support for the front foot.

The shoelaces are the traditional setup——the round shoelaces with perforation. However, there are several processes in the shoelace holes combined which is to prevent shoelace sliding in the hole and reduce the trouble of frequently tying shoelaces in long actual combat.

 The shoe body is made of multi-layer artificial leather with hot melt, which is the net surface plus patent leather. Therefore, the overall support is guaranteed.

The heel adopts the popular small lift ring, making it easier to put on  and take off the shoes.

On court, I tried all sorts of different moves including the start-up and emergency stop, and my conclusion is that the wrapping is rather excellent. As for the cushion, even if I am 80 kg, I can obviously feel the  soft sole. In general, this E02041A  is very suitable for me and it is also highly recommended for players with weights of less than 85 kg.

However, after several matches, the outsole  showed signs of wearing out, so I must mention here that the shoe is not wear-resistant enough. And if you want it to be long-lasting, you’d better take care of it after every match or training. Besides, there isn’t holes on the vamp, so it is a bit stuffy especially in hot summer days.


In general, I am satisfied with this shoes since it can meet my needs nicely. But I still think maybe it needs some improvement in its appearance because most of us are apt to be attracted by nice shoes.