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ALTRA Olympus 4.0 Performance Review

As a runner with heavy weight, the weight will make the foot and knees easy to be harmed on long-distance running. So I always love the soft insole.

The ALTRA Olympus series are always famous for excellent comfort level. I have purchased 3 pairs of Olympus series shoes.

The new released Olympus 4.0 is a little different comparing with previous series.


The insole is 0 drop height. The colorway is red and black, and it’s decorated with white ALTRA logo.

The outsole is Vibram Megagrip. The overall extending length to shoe heel is similar with previous series. But it has a special design on the shoe heel.

Olympus 4.0 improves the outsole pattern, the teeth is thinner and the pattern is deeper. It adds more grooves on the forefoot sole.

The vamp is still made of mesh fabric. It has hot-pressing design on the shoe head and both sides of middle vamp. It’s new design on Olympus series running shoes. It can offers the supporting performance.

Although the mesh fabric vamp is light and it has good water draining performance and air permeability, but the vamp of my Olympus 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0 shoes have been broken by thistles and thorns when running.

As I still haven’t tested it, we expected that Olympus 4.0 will has excellent performance.

The shoe heel adds the pull-tab which is convenient for putting on and taking off.

The inner side of shoe heel can fit the foot very well.

Sure, Olympus still keeps the Footshape shoe tree design which is suitable for most of runners.

Comparing with NIKE ZoomFly, Olympus 4.0 is more suitable for our feet.

After wearing Olympus 4.0, I can feel that it’s different with previous series running shoes. The cushion performance of Olympus 4.0 is weaker than previous series, but the stability is better and the resilience feedback is more obvious.

The traction performance of Olympus 4.0 is great. I feel safe when running downslope.

Overall, we can find that the design of Olympus 4.0 has been improved a lot.

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ALTRA OLYMPUS 4.0 Performance Review

The brand-new running shoe, ALTRA OLYMPUS 4.0, making a sparkling debut with an all-round upgrade, is famous for its lasting and excellent performance. The feeling it gives me is it wears very comfortably and steadily instead of being very heavy. Here I sincerely hope my review can help you who want to pick up this ALTRA OLYMPUS 4.0.

This ALTRA OLYMPUS 4.0 is overall black and decorated with “cold steel color”. The overall black and cold steel embellishment are perfectly matched to improve the appearance of running shoes. Besides, for males there is another pair of colorway which is bright red. The two colorways are completely different though: the former is kind of mature and steady while the latter represents passion and courage.

This newly upgraded ALTRA OLYMPUS 4.0 is equipped with an extremely soft midsole. With the Abound, the shock relief performance is further improved, effectively relieving  the pressure on our feet and knees. The midsole material used is very soft,  ensuring the lightness of the shoes as well as bringing a nice wearing experience.

The upgrade of OLYMPUS 4.0 is improved by leaps and bounds. First, the toe part is reinforced to ensure the stability of the toe;secondly, the heel is designed to fit our feet better, which can lock the heel and ensure the stability in the running process. From my perspective, support and cushioning are the keys for a pair of first-rate running shoes. And now I can see both things in this OLYMPUS 4.0. In long distance running, the shoe can provide you a lasting impetus and more stability on each landing and support you along the way. 

The outsole can be said to be designed with great care and a comprehensive new upgrade. With the new outsole pattern which looks aggressive enough to perform like a beast, the shoe is capable of gripping nicely  all kinds of grounds. The  grains in the outsole is designed according to the physiological structure of the foot and causes little deformation. More importantly, the vibram added in the outsole is extremely wera-resistant so that the sole remains intact even after many long runs.

The insole is thick but breathable enough. 

The shoes are well made and the heel lining fabric is thickly padded, quite comfortable and textured!

I’ve tested it on different grounds and all the experiences were nice and impressive.

This time, in order to get a comprehensive knowledge of the shoe, I even tried to run on the gravel road which  I haven’t run from my leaving college onwards. For this running shoes, it is not until on the gravel road did I really get the core performance of the shoes: the support and shock relief. The wide soles and extreme shock relief actually increase stability and the wrapping on the way up and down the hill was not bad, too.


The wide outsole design distinguishes the shoe from the conventional ones. Honestly, I was not used to it at first, but after a “run-in” period, I found it quite comfortable and fit me nicely. Besides this point, the cushion and support, both of which I have praised again and again, are always there to help you, allowing you to run on any road. In short, ALTRA shoes are great for cross-country racing. They can give you sufficient protection both up and down the mountain. You deserve them!