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Close Look and Opening: Air Jordan 11 “Bred”

I’ve picked this AJ11 “Bred” GS  for several months and I had intended to share with you about this shoes at the first place. But it has been delayed again and again and now it is here.

The size of this shoe box is compared with many others exceptionally small and the cowhide paper box is a homage to the first year’s.

At the side are colors of black and red, which is the same colorway of the shoes.

The AJ11 “Bred” GS has witnessed Jordan’s second triple-peat which is said to be the second starting point. And if you a Jordan fan, you may know that it was the AJ6 that witnessed his  first triple-peat which was a rather glorious moment.

For its appearance, I can not praise it enough although rumor has it that the workmanship of GS shoes is usually worse than that of males’.  And I even feel honored with it when I was playing basketball since it is actually a very nice companion. 

However, there is a fly in the ointment. That is the toe part which is short and blunt, making the whole not perfect.

The side design is very elegant and fluid, something of soft beauty.

The biggest advantage of GS model is that the shoe body adopts patent leather.

On the shoe tongue there’s a tag printed with some basic information about the shoes. However, I can not help but complaining the texture of the shoelaces which feel like hemp ropes. And when the “ropes” are compared with modern sneaker shoelaces, the former appears very stocky.

But the tongue is indeed very soft that it can not press the ankle.

Jordan’s player number 23 appears in the heel. From the back of the shoe, we can see that  the GS is narrow in shoe body, so those whose feet are wide might find it unfriendly. Therefore, if you are one of the wide footers, you  might as well ditch the choice.

One of the shoes’ other advantages, besides its handsome appearance, is its red outsole. In addition to its elegance, the sole is also antioxidant.

For the size problem, I am quite helpless. Normally I wear  size 42 and a half, but it is beyond my imagination that I can wear 40 of this AJ11 “Bred” GS and I even feel flexible.


In short, “there are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand eyes”; everyone has his or her own taste  with respect to shoes. But what is most important here is that you can meet with the one that suits you best and make you feel comfortable.