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Close Look and Opening: Air Jordan 4 Metallic Purple

Air Jordan shoes are actually very classic and among the 4 most popular editions(the 1st, 4th, 6th and 11th), I am not that familiar with the 4th since I was not fortunate enough to have gotten one. But luckily, upon the launch of the AJ4 Metallic Pack, I’ve finally picked a pair  which is my favorite colorway.

As is shown in the picture, there were 4 colorways to be launched at the first place, but the last one was never released.

The shoe box adopts the bright paper and the flying logo can be reflective when illuminated.

What’s more, the printed letters on the back of the shoe box are also bright purple, making the whole box elegant.

The first sight of the shoes has left me a deep impression: they just nestled “quietly” inside the box as if they were bashful little girls. Honestly, I have no resistance to white shoes, especially the nice ones. So in terms of the shoes’ appearance, they can be said to be one of the most beautiful shoes on the market.

The mainly white appearance with some purple decorations, not so unique though, is still very compelling since there isn’t any fancy design.

Just looking at the toe, it looks a bit like AF1. But here I don’t want to lay it on thick about the shoes’ performances, I just want to share with you the truest feelings I have. In fact, a lot of Nike shoes are not so friendly to our feet, and this one is not an exception. But at least, the wide toe of the shoe will not press our toes, so it is recommended for people with wide feet.

From the material on the toe, I can also see sheer beauty of ox leather which is fine but not very soft, and I hope it won’t be wrinkled after a period of time.

The lace buckle is the biggest highlight of the whole vamp. It looks like metal , but is actually plastic. The visual effect, however, is still great.

As for the opalescent nylon mesh, it is not much better than plastic in terms of oxidation resistance and should turn yellow sooner or later.

The leather at the heel is not so soft and in case of being scraped, you’d better wear mid-calf length socks.

The smooth lining material makes it much easier to put on and take off the shoes.

Judging from the outsole, it can be durable enough that it will be a long-lasting companion. But on the other hand, it is also hard enough that you’d better not expect much feedback or rebound from it.

(The AIR SOLE in the rear part. )

The insoles are also purple, but the logo on it may fade away as time passes by.


In short, except the foot feel which is beyond my expression, the overall appearance of the shoe is satisfactory. But however refreshing the shoe looks , the air permeability is a problem in summer days.