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Air Jordan 32 Low PF Deconstructed Report

Jordan Brand officially unveils the Air Jordan 32, a brand new sneaker that draws design inspiration from the Air Jordan II and blends it with the best basketball-specific innovations that a high-performance basketball shoe can be equally effective in its beauty.

Today we are talking about it . there are some pictures which from fastness as below :

We can see clearly from the part of sneakers .

For cushioning : Full-length Unlocked Zoom Air utilized for the Air Jordan 32 Low PF. It is perfect which  it  unlocked variety whereas the heel is bottom-loaded. You can feel the Zoom when you place enough pressure on the forefoot when playing . and the stability is great too. Though the bounce is not great , but we can still feel the spring ,  it feels comfortable  and  as you need the spring when playing , it is will be meet your required .

For me , I love it too much , this setup feels more balanced than unlocked setups compare with last version .While some get used to the feeling of a large volume Zoom Air unit protruding from the sole. it is amazing .so I can do what I want to do in the court .

For the material , thick Flyknit utilized  is great . Certain areas are very tightly knitted while others offer some stretch. and the ventilation is perfect . it would have been awesome be summer . but  the eyelet areas potentially ripping is a concern of mine. It is not a matter for a lot of people .

there are more details in the side .


For the lace system , it is amazing  that FLYWIRE   give us more support .

We can see the EVA material in the midsole .and there are more details in here .

This is FLIGHT SPEED which keep  flexibility and stability 

Here are some data for the FLIGH SPEED .

The wide and length,thickness  of date of FLIGH SPEED .

The date of AIR ZOOOM ,including the wide ,thickness, length date.

For the supporting ,it is also great .  The midsole sculpt in the rear may be off-putting for some from a design perspectiv as   it isn’t a clean line but it contains the rearfoot well upon lateral movements. It is did the job very well . For me , I had a ankle hurt before ,  so I need more supporting when I  playing , Air Jordan 32. also can support me enough on the court . I have to say it is great .

Also we  can see the clearly date from these pictures .

and the  classic LOGO of Air Jordan . Overall , I feel that fit and lockdown are better in the Air Jordan 32, as is the cushion is more stability and nicely .the great support and upper material may are the reason of what I loved .

What do you think ?