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Nike Lebron Soldier 14 Performance Review

It’s very common that many brands in the basketball field have signed NBA stars more or less, and launched signed exclusive shoes for their stars. It is believed that many shoe fans, when buying basketball shoes, will consider the signature shoes of major brands; after all, these signature shoes are designed with those brands’ efforts and technology. Yet besides the signature shoes, a lot of cost-effective shoes that are of the same series have also become  the first choices of fans, and the Soldier is a lively example.

(▼Soldier 10)

The Soldier Series has had 13 editions now. Throughout the field, there are many signature shoes of basketball stars that do not have so many editions as Soldier Series does. On top of that, the Soldier Series is also an “honored guest” at the James NBA Finals, and the 10th version has even a champion’s exclusive pair  of shoes.

However, when the image of Soldier 14 was released recently , there has been a hot discussion about it. The new look of the Soldier 14, the latest in the series, has freed it from the old quip that “Every release of a new edition of the Soldier series is an increase of the strap”.

As can be seen from the pictures, the whole shoe is different from the previous design and the lacing has become a history. The new integrated design of the shoe tongue is adopted, and the unique lacing system here is hidden inside the vamp.

The diamond-shaped red part on the side also looks pretty glamorous which changes my impression of the Soldier series. And chances are that if it is not mentioned as the Soldier shoes, many will mistaken it as Nike shoes.

According to the inscription on the sole, this Soldier 14 is still equipped with front and rear Zoom Air cushion, and the thickness of the Air cushion is 10mm and 13mm respectively. In addition to the air cushion, Cushlon foam is also built into the midsole.

From Kyrie 2, PG2.5 to Kyrie 6, it seems that in recent years the Velcro design has become a popular element in basketball shoes. But in Soldier series, only the second version is not equipped with a Velcro strap design. So why doesn’t the Soldier 14 adopt the design again? One of the reasons of that is to distinguish it with other shoes of the same series.

(▼Ambassador 12)

Another reason is that the Velcro strap design is not perfect; it does have some withdraws. As you can see from the Soldier 13, despite the fact that the shoe is installed with two straps, some reviewers still said that the wrapping is not good enough, not even better than those without Velcro strap. So the Soldier 14 , with its proper lacing system, may be able to achieve the desired effect, or even better.

(▼ Soldier 13)

(▼ Soldier 12)


This Soldier 14, I think, will be another peak in the Soldier series  and hopefully will be able to regain its lost glory in the field.