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Salomon Sonic Pro2 Performance Review

It is a norm widely acknowledged that each pair of running shoes is injected with its designer’s wisdom and hard work. And the famous Salomon from France is a good illustration of this concept.

I’ve just recently picked a pair of sonic pro2 which is professional marathon running shoes released in 2017 by Salomon, and which is also a “brother” of S-lab2. And since I am lucky enough to have copped the three classic running shoes of the brand, let’s us take a look at them and make a simple comparison.

Of the three running shoes, there are myriad opinions. But objectively speaking, each has its own merits and no one is superior or inferior. In terms of Sonic Pro, it is, to some extent, breathtaking in its appearance and impressive with a clever combination of primary and secondary colors. In addition, what sounds more appealing is that there are three different colors available for both men and women. 

For Sonic pro 2, it is even more stunning in its colorway than Sonic pro 1, and much more eye-catching than Sonic Pro’s tomato red. And there are as well three different colorways for both men and women to choose from.

As for S-lab 2, it is bright red as a whole, whose “aristocratic temperament” makes people fall in love with it. From the style point of view, it beats the sonic Pro 1 and Pro 2  as well as most running shoes on the market.

With respect to their weight, taking size UK 8.5 as the reference then, Pro 2 is no less lighter than Pro 1, which is 240 grams. They are both relatively light  and suitable for marathon. If the shoe weighs 300 or so, runners are most likely to feel fatigued in the second half of the game. But for S-lab2 which weighs 220 grams, it is even more excellent than the former two in marathons for it is lighter.

When it comes to wrapping, the unique interior tongue design of Sonic pro gives the runner a perfect 360-degree wrapping. And the use of the lacing system makes it easier to put on shoes so that the shoelaces won’t loosen that easily.

For Sonic pro 2, its internal exclusive endo fit, the shoe tongue wrapping tech, and the sensifit, the shoe body wrapping tech, offer runners perfect wrapping experience. So because of the excellent wrapping, it is suggested to buy a bigger size when choosing shoes, which will bring you a more comfortable wearing experience.

S-lab2 is to some extent similar to PRO2 in that both own excellent wrapping.

In Sonic pro, there in the inside and outside of the soles of both front and rear part which are most vulnerable to wear during running,  the wear-resistant materials are used.  And with the contagrip sole, the energy cell+ midsole tech and the ortholite insole, the overall shock relief performance is good.

When it comes to the second version, its outsole has drastically changed from that of the Sonic pro, but it still adopts the wear-resistant material. And the vibe midsole tech, made from lightweight Energy Cell + and opal, brings a really good shockproof effect.

But for S-lab2, however, its cushioning performance is not this nice  as the former two.

With regard to the ankle support, I should say that they are all excellent and you simply need not worry about  sprained ankles.

For the air permeability, they are all nice; but if asked which one is the best,  I should say, on the strength of my experiences, it is the S-lab2 thought they are all covered with breathable net surface on the vamp.

The Sonic pro shoes and the S-lab 2 all equip with contagrip outsole, making it particularly durable and anti-skid. On top of that, wherever you go, you’ll find the outsoles grip excellently.


In fact,sonic Pro1 and 2 are subtly different, and they differs mainly in  the design, lacing system, and the vamp. But it is beyond question that they are both  great running shoes and neck-and-neck. However, the second version  is equipped with a newer design and with its stunning colors, it is apparently more eye-catching.

Anyway, the three are all brilliant running shoes and if you want to take a shot, hopefully you can find the most suitable one.

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Salomon Sense Ride Performance Review

From the first cross country race in which I first took part onwards, my love for this sport has been on the increase. And since then, I have been searching for a suitable running shoe that is lightweight, breathable and non-skid and these are the most basic requirements. However, as the saying goes that “Godhelpsthosewhohelpthemselves”, I finally got this Salomon Sense Ride. 

Salomon continues the brand’s tonal and graphic elements in its shoe box design. And the one I got here is  designed with the Alps , which looks graphic and delicate.

Upon opening the box, I was delighted and stunned at the shoes’ appearance. Its bright red colorway is very striking and can be eye-catching on the street.

In terms of the setups, I’d talk about the vamp first of all. The vamp of Salomon Sense Ride adopts the 3D Stretch Air Mesh which is a kind of breathable mesh fabrics, and at the same time adopts SensiFIT and EndoFIT. The 3D elastic breathable mesh is jointed with SensiFit, extending from the sole part to the shoelace part. The design of 3D elastic breathable mesh fabric can improve the breathability  of both interior and exterior during cross-country running, thus achieving better comfort and keeping dry for a long time.

The tongue of Salomon Sense Ride is so soft that it doesn’t squeeze the ankle as does hard tongue. As for its design, the EndoFIT is built with tongue lining, which is connected to the inside of the sole. As soon as you put on the shoes, you are bound to feel very comfortable and the wrapping performance is excellent. With soft and comfortable fabric, even if you are just wearing a pair of very thin socks, you will quickly get used to the wrapping.

Similar to the toe design of most running shoes,Salomon Sense Ride has a bump-resistant design that reduces the chance of toe injuries while running and increases the life of shoes.

The QuickLace lacing system makes it easier to put on and take off the shoes and plays a good role in fixing the laces and making adjusting easier and faster.

Salomon Sense Ride incorporates the brand’s new Opal Vibe, lightweight ENERGY CELL+ and Opal materials. Compared to EVA materials used in the past, the new Opal Vibe has better cushioning performance and longer life.

With respect to the outsole, it is the Premium Wet Traction Contagrip rubber sole that is a mixture of 20 kinds of rubber and presented in the form of the assemblage of many rhombuses with a thickness of about 4mm. Its anti-skid performance is especially outstanding and it can grip nicely on all kinds of grounds.

The size of this Salomon Sense Ride here is US 8.5 and each weighs no more than 280g. For a pair of running shoes that is quite professional in cushioning, Sense Ride has actually done a great job in combining cushioning and lightness.

For the size, I chose the same one that I usually pick since there is no deviation in the shoes’ size.

But if you ask me the actual wearing experience, I should say that the biggest difference lies in forefoot of the shoes which makes me feel like wearing a pair of spikes and the arch support is slightly weaker compared with the front and rear parts.

Salomon Sense Ride has really excellent anti-skid performance. Even on rainy days, I will wear Salomon Sense Ride for exercising and with the help of the shoes, it can be a breeze for me to work out on wet grounds.


As the first pair of Salomon cross-country shoes of mine, Sense Ride brings me more surprises than disappointments. The lightness, wrapping and other excellent performances all deserve more attention and cherishing.