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Hybrid Fuego x First Mile

April 22 is Earth Day and as it happens that it was in this quarter that Puma launched the Hybrid Fuego X First Mile running shoe with the theme of protecting the environment. What makes Hybrid Fuego such a truly eco-friendly running shoe is that it’s made from materials collected around the world, cut out of empty plastic bottles and recycled. So, in that case, Puma is linking environmental protection with running shoes in the name of retaining green hills. Is this a nominal promotion, or are they really practical and environmentally friendly shoes?

This time Puma’s environmental co-branded product is not only environmentally friendly, but also truly reusable in terms of the shoe box which  is totally made of recycled paper. It feels a bit rough though, its quality is worthy of recognition with high hardness and nice texture. It is never boasting and from the box I can see the sincerity of the brand.

The shoe is mainly olive green and bright yellow, with an azure Puma LOGO attached to the heel. Before I tried them on, the shoes left me an impression that they were understated and ordinary. But before long, I changed my initial thought.

The inside of the shoe is more understated than the outside, with no extra graphic decoration but a small patch sticking out of the arch to provide some support.

On the heel of the running shoes a ring TPU bracket is built into whose hardness is relatively high while the thickness of the sponge is medium, making it more suitable for wearing in spring and summer. However, I was a little worried about the tactile sensation of the mesh material of the upper, which was not particularly delicate and not so friendly to my skin at first. But after a break-in period, I am now used to it.

The tongue of the running shoe is a traditional separated shoe tongue, which can be adjusted. Besides, the decoration of the PUMA logo on it is relatively beautiful, but in the course of running,  the tongue can be easily offset. In that cases, it needs to be adjusted.

The whole vamp, made of a double mesh fabric, adopts the design of seamless splicing. And the hot-melt patch on the outside edge of the shoe extends the running shoe’s life, but with it comes a little tie to the toes, which is especially noticeable for wide-foot runners.

The midsole is not the whole-foot Hybrid, but the Profoam coated with a Hybrid at the heel. The Hybrid is not big, but about a third of the midsole. However, it’s undeniable that this little Hybrid has a nice cushioning performance. By pressing it with a bit stress, you can feel it different from the surrounding white Profoam which tends to help start up.

The integrated Profoam extends directly to the sole and is engraved with different patterns to increase grip. In the toe part and the heel, there placed wear-resisting and thick rubber which is a bit hard though.

The inside of the shoe is well lined; the stitching is fine; the parts are bonded well. We can also see the shadow of the light through the inner space, which is enough to prove the superior breathability of this running shoes.

The insole of black EVA is also made of recycled material and the friction on the insole surface is relatively high, which can be obviously felt during running. On top of that, Hybrid Fuego’s lightweight and shockproof features are not the most outstanding, but it does combine the two advantages.


In general, the impressions it left me are overall satisfying. Both the appearance and performances are above average. The olive green is a good choice for daily wearing; its performances are also enough to meet most of your requirements. But here I want to mention that it is not highly recommended for heavy runners and for frequent high-intensity long runs.