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Nike Zoom Kobe Icon Red Fashion appearance and colorway

Nike  Zoom Kobe Icon was released in 2015 . But i just got it some days ago .

It is show used design of  the Zoom Kobe 6 , but actually have a little difference .

Now we get it .

We can see it after open Black box , it is  shine for the new colorway .

I loving the colorway . It is seems soft , yeah it is , you can the material of upper , but I am thinking it is not very good for protection . The appearance is like the ZK 6 .. I try it in the clear ground , the grip is really good .  The tags  with the shoes , look great .

I feel the support in my ankle when I wear it . But a little slight  for protection  as it is  thin . after the opening of the zipper of Vamp. It is simple but great . there are some of the side of the golden pattern embellishment, more good-looking, but generally pull the zipper, the basic can not see. We  can  see the vamp material from the side . Also a little thin, perhaps for ventilation.

Here are some details as below :

1.Appearance  score 9

The fashion design is my favorite as always . Silver colorway is shine under the sun , look so brightly .  And the material of shoes is comfortable .Breathbility is quiet great . Whatever the colorway  and  shape , for me , it is amazing . I remember that i loved the Dream Season X in my university , but you know I have not too much money for it . So i just give up . But now , I have a good job , I can offer it , so I will buy what I  want . Life is short , I wont leaf the regret anymore .

2.Cushion score 8

Mixing minor design elements in with one of the best Kobe signature models – the Nike Zoom Kobe 6. They are listed as a lifestyle shoe, but they feature performance technology so they may be solid on-court as well.

3. Durability score 7

It is need more time and more court to test , but here I just playing  it in the dusty court once time . But seems great for grip  , when the game is finished  . I check the the sole and upper . It is just have a little wrink of the upper . The sole have a little abrasion . But it is slight .
Overall , NIKE ZOOM KOBE ICON Red , it is fashion with silver appearance . The material is great and breath. But not very fit for the combat . I am thinking the support just so so .