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Nike HyperRev 2015 Performance review

The Nike HyperRev 2015 Release , my initial reaction was, “I liked the HyperRev 2014 a lot when I first  saw it    Now ,we can see the details as below :

The box is orange  with the specification . When i open the box, the shoes nice with the logo swoosh .  The outside of  shoes have the logo SWOOSH too . The tongue have the HYPERREV  and with TPU in the heel .


The original HyperRev used a full mesh upper with a nylon structured interior .The shoe’s full-length sleeve which not very sturdy but comfortable . The upper has a layer of mesh, and there’s a flexible rubberized heel counter that isn’t firm to the touch like a plastic or carbon Kobe heel counter.  These keep things in line with that ‘minimal’ type of setup while strengthening the upper by using a screen mesh verses the woven mesh.

The midsole use the Phylon which improve the lockdown .


The original Rev used foam structure pieces within the shoe, which worked for a minimal setup, but these use rubber and Fuse which I think is far superior. Same overall concept as the foam, but rubber is just stronger altogether so the potential for it failing is pretty slim.

There’s extra padding and foam in strategic zones all throughout the collar, and that makes for a synching feel once you lace up and get ready to hit the court.


The heel’s outsole and midsole has perfect break points to help with landings, and then the heel Zoom bag reacts with just enough impact protection and propels on forward through the forefoot.

Overall , Nike HyperRev 2015 is comfortable when we wear. The cushion have enough impact protection, the support not very bad.  I like the zoom parts.