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Nike Hyperdunk 2016 High Review – Newest of Olympic year

The Hyperdunk line from Nike has always produced some of the most dynamic and versatile performance models on the market. It has been a fan favorite, regardless of position, but this year it rebound.

The 2015 last year, well, sucked. The 2016 is the opposite of suck – it’s actually pretty good. But let’s not ruin the review so you don’t need to read the next 800 or so words. Let’s get to it…

1,Material .

Flywire utinizd in Nike series of shoes , it is normal , but Flywire for laceing support in the mid-and-forefoot locks in . The feet feeling the good performance of wrapping . I would like prefer chose this kind of shoes .

Fused mesh is found on the lateral side for stability and support on hard cuts with ope-cell mesh on the medial side for mobility and breathability . The upper is almost a one pieces, with the tongye wrapping from the outside in under the laces ,which makes the shoes a treasure to get on the foot .High-top designed is improved the protection .The heel has an internal counter .


Zoom is making a comeback this year ,at least on some models and the Hyperdunk 2016 is one of them .I remember that the last of genration of 2015 HD, it is too firmness that i cant feel the exist of Zoom air . Now the  Phylom embeddedin the hylon midsole the response can be felt .Push-offs were quick ,landings were solid , player not feel  pain or impact ,and second jump come back ,it is amazing that there is not leg time waiting for shoes to recover and respond .Yeah, HD 2016 hate  the hesitate , and quick hits the direct .

3, Super grip

The fishbone shope of  woven in the sole of series of HD, which different ,BUt the HD  2016 is changing for Multidirectional strip  . We can see the zoom air in  the window open eye .It is good for  playing in the clean court . But the outside  court ,maybe need time to  test.

That is disconnected from the lower half of shoes at that point . All of the security on a high collar but flexibility of low cut , In addition, the foot sits below the top of midsole ,right in the bucket , so the Phylon construct also helps to jeep the foot from rolling off the shoe on hard cuts or jabs.

Overall , for the Hyperdunk 16 designed back to utilizing zoom fully . HD 2016 ,the upper is comfy ,cushioning is spring ,and the traction and fit are nice .The biggest relief , again , seems to be return of Zoom . If you are a do-everything player -rebound ,shoot,defend ,drive –look no futher, The HD 2016 will help you do everything you need . If you bought the 2014 and 2015, hoping for the best, dont give up .