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Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 Performance Review

NIKE Pegasus running shoes is arguably the oldest running shoe series of Nike which is said to have a history of 37 and coincidentally, the new product the series launched this year is the Pegasus 37.

At the very beginning when I just started running, I mistakenly thought there wasn’t any difference whether there was good equipment or not. But before long, I was proven to be wrong. And from that time onwards, I’ve had a different look at running equipment.

In the past two years,NIKE and Adidas have become more and more professional in running shoes. So, in order to have a nice experience,  I also bought NIKE Pegasus 35 and Pegasus 35 Turbo, Adidas UB19 and Boston 8 respectively, among which Pegasus 35 is the most frequently worn.

As is shown in the picture, Pegasus 37 weighs 285g which is much lighter than UB 19 but heavier than Boston 8 and P35. Compared to the Pegasus 35, the pegasus 37 has been significantly upgraded in many ways. In the vamp, Pegasus 35 uses large-caliber breathable mesh cloth while Pegasus 37’s denser outer breathable mesh can faintly indicate the inner mesh structure which is more refined but maintains air permeability at the same time. 

As for the tongue, Pegasus 37 adopts a V-shaped tongue and a double layer of thin fabric. This design fits the front of the ankle better, and can effectively prevent our feet from chafing during running. But there’s a small problem with this design, which is that I have a habit of pulling the shoe tongue up when I’m wearing it, but since it fits so well around my ankles, I feel it hard for me to grab the tongue. However, this can not be a problem for most of you because it’s just a habit that I picked up by accident.

When it comes to the outsole, different from the flat white of Pegasus 35, that design of Pegasus 37 makes the shoe look more fashionable and dynamic.

The Pegasus 37’s shoelace holes have been changed to a more textured and hard design, providing more functional stability than before, as well as being more friendly to wide instep runners.

At the heel, Pegasus 37  still adopts an upturned design in which there is nothing special when compared with other brands. But it is not just for being good-looking, but to protect the runner’s heel tendon and reduce resistance to running. The Pegasus 37 outsole texture still remains a classic Waffle design which minimizes the weight of the shoe. In terms of cushion, Nike added the thickened Zoom cushion with  the React foam in Pegasus 37 so as to offer sufficient rebound and leave runners a deep impression of the soft midsole.

In order to fully experience the performance of Pegasus 37 known as a pair of professional running shoes, I’ve tested it on different roads and for different distance several times.

To be honest, the wrapping is very good. My feet are normal foot type, not wide, but not thin, either. The ankle support is in place, and the hardness of the heel is just right so that the ankle can still be well protected without feeling any external force..


As a pair of  cost-effective running shoe, Pegasus 37 can be said to be very excellent albeit there is not novelty in the appearance. I also think that the shoes are very excellent in terms of moderate weight, shockproof and stable support and wrapping, etc. The only deficiency may be due to the upgrade of  appearance so that air permeability is declined.