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Nike Air Zoom BB NXT Performance Review

It always releases the new amazing team shoes for Olympic games. Although the Olympic games are postponed, but the team shoes Nike Air Zoom BB NXT are still released in time. It uses new combination for the insole technology.

▲The global athletes gathered in New York for the NIKE 2020 Summit to unveil Nike’s new operational and sustainable innovation technologies.

  1. The SuperRun of basketball shoes

The insole of Nike Air Zoom BB NXT is thick and specific. The first released colorway is the black insole which is decorated with greenish-yellow and valerian blue. It’s similar to Air Zoom Alphafly Next%.

Nike Air Zoom BB NXT(Right)

Air Zoom Alphafly Next%(Left)

The big Swoosh logo on the inner side is not completed one. The Air Zoom mark on insole is also half design. It seems to imply that this is Nike’s innovation.

  1. Soft foam

The shoe tree is wide. The shoe tongue is soft and thick. The inner sleeve design on shoe heel is comfortable. It fits the foot very well.

  1. Good Air Permeability

It has the dot hot melting reinforced material on the vamp. And it has a layer of foam interlayer.

The dot design is gradual changing effect.

The vamp is engineering mesh fabric design. The supporting effect of disrupt hot-melting reinforcement is not obviously. And the anti-rollover supporting plate doesn’t upturn much. So the strength is not enough.

  1. 3+2 insole

Nike Air Zoom BB NXT carry the new cushion system. It has the full-length 3 layers f Nike React cushion foam. The insole is soft and the cushion performance is good.

The forefoot sole has two pieces of ZOOM Air cushion configuration.

From the hollow-out insole, we can see the TPU supporting plate which can improve the anti-torsion strength.

It likes designing the car. Every part has its function and each part can cooperative work.

After trying, the toe parts is empty. The energy feedback of forefoot sole can offer extra driving force. It’s the original intention of 3+2 insole design.

The insole material is enough, but the center of gravity is a little high. It needs the users using more ankle strength to drive this pair of shoes.


The appearance of Nike Air Zoom BB NXT is cool. The full-length ZOOM cushion is comfortable. The price is economical.

Nike Zoom BB▲

The birth of Nike Air Zoom BB NXT is the rebirth of ZOOM BB.

  1. Traction Performance

The outsole of Nike Air Zoom BB NXT integrates the innovative pattern. The water ripple outsole pattern is on the position of two pieces of air cushion. It can offer excellent traction performance, but the abrasive resistance is not good. It’s better to play on the indoor court.


The cushion performance of Nike Air Zoom BB NXT is excellent. The resilience is great, fitness is good, but the supporting performance and abrasive resistance is not good enough. The center of gravity is a little high. It needs time to test it.