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Nike Lebron Soldier 10 Dunkman Performance review

NBA finals in 2015-2016, James and Irving brake them dusk in the game . Final win the Golden State Warriors by 4-3 , won their first NBA championship for Cleveland.

Now new the new season has started, the Cavaliers stride forward without obstruct ,  which cannot be halted. James with his Nike LeBron Soldier 10 Duke complete the game .

Today we will talking the shoes ;

Let get it

There are some details as below :

  • Strap : it is fluorescence with number 23 .
  • Tongue with logo Lebron James Soldier X 2016-2017.
  • James’s Logo was placed in one of the most inconspicuous places.
  • The box of Soldier 10 the same as the 13 ,but difference color .

Above all , here are some details :

About my personal :

  • Tall :180cm
  • Weight:90 kg

Playing : Guard, passing a variety of sharp,  No Look Pass, insider skills is better than the outside line three points, middle distance shot


I am the fan of Solider from 2013 year till now . The design of Solider always use the Strap . Solider 3 used two wide strap to ensure lockdown the feet ,which  improve the wrapping and another way it is follow the fashion .

Nike Solider 10 just cancel the design  of  shoelace system  ,instead a pedal with 3 thick bandages, the appearance looks very sturdy ,seems simple but  it is not .

Nike Solider 9 design was follow the 12 ,however solider 10 just totally design .it is  a little like the KD 9 which high-top . Though both can not take off easy but improve the wrapping .



If you feel pressure in instep when you wear 12 ,13 , you should open the shoes , otherwise soldiers 10  will press you instep tingling (please refer the  diagram before wearing this pair of shoes)

The whole material of  shoes use the soft fabric , (if instead Flyknit  ,that is will be perfect, I wouldn’t worry about  foot pressure), elastic with thin thickness,  because inner-bootie is slight elastic , it wraps itself around the wearer’s foot and enhance both comfort and fit .but fortunately there are two thick bandages which ensure the upper support performance . After running the whole wearing comfort is also good.

3. Stability

Because of the material of shoes , it is a little soft ,but the bandage and strap which enhance the support .

Here is the picture ,we can saw the V of the midsole , TPU can reduce tweaks .


The protection performance of this pair of shoes is very good, fasten the top magic strap , it feels like ankle will practical assured, two sponge pad ankle can reduce the discomfort. But the result is locked of ankle when  strong to protect, i feel disflexibility , which largely reduces the mobility of this pair of shoes, the heel is almost no feel  filler.


The soldiers 10 sense of space is quite good, compared with another generation , solder 10 almost become the standard setup recently .The reaction is good , if HD16 or Erwin sole lines 2, the reaction performance can give full marks.


A lot of people worry the cushioning , but James was not like HD 16 which enlarge the Zoom . Solider 10 is improve the thick than 9 ,so need not worry the cushion for solider 10 .

Here is another picture .

7.Grip & durability


If Jordan is the 31 like the ice skate 1  , the solider 10  absolute ice skate 2 . it almost didn’t kill me when i am playing dust court , solider 10 not the pure crystal field, my heart is bleeding if playing in the outside when  I feel it is  friction on the ground .

Overall , Solider10  almost perfect , as the fan of Solder 10 , I will chose it for the good protection and cushion ,but the grip not very well .