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KD 13 Performance Review

It is fortunate that I could finally experienced one of Nike’s top flagship models, the KD 13, which offers me a rather different but very nice experience, converting some of my deep-rooted impressions of Nike. As a matter of fact, however, I was not so much into Nike shoes because some of their setups I can not quite approve of. For example, I don’t think pg4 and Alphadunk are well designed and even the top practical shoes always have some flaws. Despite the fact, this KD 13 does refresh my impression. But in what way? Let’s have a look then.

I am actually very satisfied with this shoes which is sure to be my first choice for practice during this period.  To be honest, the first game I played in the shoes was one of my best games of the month and I did benefit a lot from it. In fact, the shoes has been released for a long time and I think you fans must have grasped some knowledge about it whose anti-rollover performance is most worth mentioning.

For KD 13’s cushioning, I think I can’t illustrate any one shoe more pleasing. It adopts full-foot and double front-foot air cushions, which is quite luxurious. Actually, I am a bit fastidious in choosing basketball shoes and I was not so satisfactory about Zoom air cushion before, which should be owed to my bad experiences with one of my basketball shoes in which I didn’t feel the existence of air cushion. But for the cushion of KD 13, when I stood still in the shoes I can feel the two pieces of soft air cushion in the fore part, though not obviously. But since the insoles are very thick, I do feel very comfortable underfoot. And the full-foot cushion is comfortable as well but it requires your force. 

In terms of the grip, I think it is equal to, if not greater than, that of many excellent basketball shoes in the market. On court, it seemed like a fierce beast and bit the ground tightly so that there wasn’t slipping during the whole games. And in outdoor courts, the sole can be very durable: even under my high intensity training, it still succeeds accompanying me for a long time. 

With respect to wrapping, I want to say that it is nearly perfect. When I first saw the shoelace holes, I knew that the shoe’s wrapping won’t be bad. The first shoelace hole is located low enough that my forefoot is nicely locked and  the last shoelace hole is also designed reasonable, enough to lock my ankle. And lastly, when I tighten the laces, I can feel the shoe tongue tightly hug my instep, offering me a very nice wrapping experience.

But however excellent it is, it is still not perfect. I should say that the anti-rollover performance is the biggest flaw of the shoe. Yet it can only be said to be defective and can not be denied completely.

Weighing at more than 390 grams, it is a bit heavy and I even feel somewhat burdened underfoot, which may be ascribed to the use of materials. And on the other hand, the air permeability is not that nice, either. In this hot summer day, when I am playing games in the shoes, all I can feel is sweat underfoot.


In a nutshell, KD 13 is in the whole a satisfying sneaker and can meet most of my needs, although the defections do exist. This shoes, from my perspective, are certainly suitable for those who are mainly shooters on court. And no less certain is it that the shoes will be a nice companion.