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Donovan Mitchell II Performance Reivew

Donovan Mitchell’s signature sneakers are here again. As a symbol for cost effectiveness and sincerity, the Mitchell II is what we’ve been waiting for. But is it as excellent as the previous edition or even worse? You’ll find the answer in this review.

Mitchell II has been co-branded with Marvel comics again. The first version of Spider-Man is very memorable, and in this Mitchell II, there are also a lot of Spider-man elements. The Mitchell II is still easy to remember; its appearance is novel and bright while the contrast color collocation of fluorescent green and fluorescent yellow is dotted with red, which is very consistent with the summer days.

As you can see  in the image that the “SPIDEY” and “SENSE” are printed on the tongue rings of each shoe, which always remind me of “My Spider Sense is tingling” which is Spiderman’s pet phrase. Spider-man can sense any impending danger and react in advance and for Mitchell who is the core of the team, analyzing the situation ahead of time and make judgments accordingly is his “SPIDEY SENSE”.

The five lightning emblems above the spider’s head inside the tongue, and the serrate design of the shoe body are similar to spider-man’s explosive response at that moment.

The  LOGO of Mitchell and the words D.O.N. at the heel suggest the identity of the shoe and also indicate Mitchell’s firm belief that “Determination Over Negativity.

For the material, the shoe  is made of a variety of materials, including composite materials, leather, engineering fabric, etc. So the shoe lining is more solid and the heel is also installed with lots of foams, making it much softer. With so many materials used, I think it a tremendous job to control the weight at 400 grams.

The wrapping of this Donovan Mitchell II is very good, though it doesn’t look so good in this respect. But, as the saying goes, “Never judge a book by its cover.” After I tried the shoes, it turned out to be excellent. The vamp hug my feet quite well and made me comfortable. In the fore and middle part, I just felt tight but not stressed underfoot.

There are only four holes in the shoelace hole of each shoe, but there are six in that worn by Mitchell. So difference does exist; and like many fans, I am also quite confused.

In point of stability, though there is not torsional resisting device in the midsole, the technology of Bounce on the forefoot makes torsion and anti-rolled-over performance greatly improved.

I’ve just mentioned the Bounce which is the core tech of the shoe. And I think that tech of the second edition is much better, especially the heel, than that of the first; It’s very soft; the feedback is very good and responsive.

The pattern of the outsole originated from the spider web lines. Some highly observed that “the creativity is nice and so is the grip.”

But for the durability, I can not ensure you anything because I have just worn the shoes for actual playing for several times. But it haven’t showed signs of wearing,yet.

The shoes are a Marvel tribute to Arenas. And though Mitchell is a rising star, he has had his own signature shoe after only three seasons. So also as a Marvel fan, I will go on supporting Mitchell and the shoes .