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Close Look and Opening: Jordan Westbrook One Take

There are thousands of different sneakers on the market and there must be one that suits you best. Some sneaker enthusiasts may take the trouble of trying many shoes so as to find the most suitable one. To that end, here I’ve brought a pair of Jordan Westbrook One Take for you to check and that may arouse your interest and can be suitable for most people .

Hailed by the “Shoe King”, Tucker, as “one of the most comfortable and practical shoes”, the series launched this pair of Beijing city-specific colorway which, however, is rather cost-effective. But it should be mentioned here that the shoe last slant is relatively narrow, hence, those whose feet are wide are recommended to pick a bigger size.

For the shoebox, there is nothing new to be mentioned and it even adopts the same design as the other model of Westbrook.

With respect to the shoe’s appearance, the overall shape is the classic Westbrook style and appears quite  angular. And complicated as it looks, but on closer inspection it is quite simple.

The main material of the shoe surface is a whole piece of mesh fabric and from the static point of view, the permeability is above the average level.

The gradual red-orange in the vamp is very nice indeed which is really a eye-catching design.

On the outside of the forefoot there are two large pieces of patent-like leather that feel very smooth and are used to enhance support for the vamp.

At the ankle, there’s also a big leather that wraps around the entire heel and offers protection.

It is worth mentioning that the mint green material on the leather  is luminous and can emit a “dazzling” light in the dark.

And as you can see that in the middle of the upper, there are two pieces of upside-down triangle leather.

Along with the flexibility of the tongue, the design of the shoe is indeed very friendly to high-instep ones.

There is also a separate inner boot on the heel, which is a consistent feature of the Westbrook shoes.

The inside counter of the heel, with a piece of encircling hard plastic on the outside, together  improves the wrapping of the heel.

In terms of the midsole, it is still the combination of the front-foot  Zoom Air and the heel Phylon. Since the zoom below is very close to the insole, the rebound or feedback can be apparently felt.

Besides, we can also see a very visible arch support piece in the midsole, which provides a torsion resistance performance as well as  arch support.

For the outsole, it is the same luminous crystal bottom of whose performance I am still expecting. But I am sure it won’t fail me.

In a word, I think this is a simplified version of the Westbrook 3. The overall design and the setups are all very inviting for me and let’s wait and see what surprises it will bring us.