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Close Look and Opening: J Balvin x AJ1

When talking about AJ1, the words that come into your mind might be “a has-been star”. In the first three months of AJ1’s 35th anniversary, which began last year, people have lost interest in the shoes completely. But is the shoe really out of fashion? Anyway, “the benevolent see benevolence and the wise see wisdom”; opinions of different people can vary greatly and you can remain your own. 

However, today I am not talking about AJ1 further more, but I am going to share with you some tech ans setups of another shoes, the co-branded J Balvin x AJ1. It’s safe to say that this co-branded shoes are very eye-catching and can be a good match for all kinds of clothes.

Earlier this year the images of the J Balvin x AJ1 have been exposed. But it was not until in February that the shoes debuted  in J Balvin’s performance, both exciting the whole present audiences.

Good news is that J Balvin himself has observed that the shoes would be available this year and is expected to be released in November.

The colorway and shoe type of this J Balvin x AJ1 are both fantastic, both of which has to some extent changed the design concept of AJ1 . With respect to the former, some fans said that it is mostly a reference to the hair color of J Balvin, which is very novel and originate. And with the  canvas vamp, the overall shoe looks very refreshing.

It is believed that the design of J Balvin X AJ1 is completely integrated with J Balvin’s own aesthetic appreciation of fashion  and his love for color elements. And even the jagged design of the shoes leaves no doubt that it was inspired by his hairstyle.



In addition to the unique design and colorway of the upper, J Balvin’s iconic smiley face logo, which very popular in recent years, is adorned at both heels and the left shoe tongue.


The shoes were to have been released at the first place, but for the pandemic, many of the planned releases of models were delayed again and again with the most likely release date set for November. But notwithstanding the fact, I hope that the shoes can keep its appointment this time. And so how much do you expect its arrival?