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Close Look and Opening: Air Jordan 7 HARE2.0

The Air Jordan 7 HARE2.0 that has been long looked forward to is here and you might as well take the trouble of reading this article which may do some help for you.

Taking a look at the shoe box, you are most likely to be fascinated by its cover, the indispensable carrots, since the shoe is inspired by the cartoon character Bugs Bunny, the one from the movie Space Jam. In the corner is AJ’s Jumpman logo.

And on the side is the “Air Jordan”.

There are two layers of lining paper in the shoe box with the outer layer printed with geometric Mosaic symbolizing AJ7 while the inner layer the ordinary lining paper.

Upon opening the shoe box, I was stunned at its appearance. The only word surging into my mind was “awesome”. It is simply pure, refreshing and very cute, just like Bugs Bunny himself .

Since the shoes are made as a homage to Bugs Bunny, the whole designs are resemblance to the character. For example, the imitation rabbit hair on the vamp is made of artificial wool.

The pink on the shoes originates from Bugs Bunny’s ears while the grey-green stems from his fur. To my knowledge, the smallest size of the shoes is 40, which sets many girls back. But it is certain that if there were sizes for girls, they will be crazy about this shoes.

The tongue, made of foam and printed with red letters, is more comely than the AJ7’s geometric stitching. Besides, there are two pairs of laces for replacing: one is grey-green and the other pink.

At the heel, the word “23” with geometric stitching is reserved.

On the outside of the shoe is a series of numbers “130014-100”, which is the SKU number and also a kind of tribute.

The most symbolic part of the shoes is the outsole that shows its identity of AJ7. There are also various of colors and geometric designs applied to the outsole.

So does the insole adopt the geometric stitching design.

The shoes are good-looking though, with its price that is relatively high in AJ shoes, many fans are frustrated.


Personally, I think this Air Jordan 7 HARE2.0 will be much more nicer for girls, but for boys, it could not match their clothes very well. But anyway, it can not be denied that the shoes are very aesthetically pleasing to the eye and if you are lucky enough to pick one pair, you are sure to be one of the most eye-catching one on the street.