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Closed Look and Opening:Jordan 1 Mid Iridescent White

In fact, of AIR JORDAN 1, there is another style of shoes that has been very popular in the past year: the comic style. The so-called comic style is mostly on the basis of white shoes with black edge, which is quite an easy thing to carry out and a rather fantastic originality.

Honestly, I myself have been obsessed with white shoes for a long time. So when I met this AIR JORDAN 1 MID, I found myself in love with it. Its appearance is just so appealing, and with so reasonable a price at present, I picked a pair right away.

As can be obviously seen that there are differences between the pictures in the above and the below. In the absence of lights, the shoes are likes this: besides the white part, there are only decorated black lines left. But when the flash is on, the shoes become colorful, which can be very pleasing to the eyes.

So let’s go on checking the shoes with the flash on. For the toe part of the shoes, it is pure white and square, and with the embellishment of the metallic luster, the overall is very good-looking.

And the same goes for the “hooks” at the side. Because of the decoration, they become more  solid and eye-pleasing.

As for the outsole, it is sheer white, thus inviting lots of visible dust and all kinds of dirt to the surface. What’s worse, since the grooves in the sole are somewhat big, chances are that you will find your soles be fraught with gravels, which can be frustrating. So if you are tired of or frightened by the frequent washing needed to keep the shoes clean, this might not be a good choice for you.

On the other hand, however, not dirt-proof as it is, it still grips nicely on most courts, and it performs especially nicely in emergency stops.

The reflection effect of different areas is not identical, however, the shoe is very nice all the time.

The overall shoe type is fluid, and it is certain that the shoes must be an eye-catching object on the court. No less certain is it that with all its excellent setups there, the shoes will be a reliable comrade of which you can expect surprises.


The one “fatal” shortcoming of the shoes that sets back many people is its intolerance to dirt, not only in the sole, but the overall shoes. However, if this is not a big problem for you and you are much more into this kind of pure white style, you might as well take it into consideration.