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Brooks Ghost 10 Performance Review

For runners, it is important that they can have shoes of their own. Of course, for me, running shoes are also one of the most important items of equipment. But for enthusiasts who first take an interest in this kind of  sport often find themselves bewildered and dazzled by the various running shoes in the market and know not how to choose a suitable one.

In the past few years, I’ve experienced many shoes as well, but it was not until I met this Brooks Ghost 10 that I knew it was the right one. However, I had not meant to promote something deliberately, but I’d like to share with you my experiences today and if you happen to be into this shoes, you can also check the article which might be helpful to you.

There is nothing novel in the shoe box, only Brooks’s striking logo printed on the outside. It is overall simple, but somewhat eye-pleasing as well.

For the shoes which is the object of today, its main color is dark blue, giving me a sense of sedation. The light blue Brooks logo with white midsole and colored shoelace makes the whole shoes vigorous in the appearance instead of rigid.

The front side is highlighted with a “domineering” look. The anti-collision material on the toe is also marked with Brooks’ logo.

Talking about the “DNA” in the heel, I think I can not praise it enough. It is adopted in the shoes to provide comfortable shock absorption when you are walking and strong rebound when you are running.

When the material is subjected to rapid impact, the density increases sharply and the resistance  increases instantaneously. And when external force disappears, the material can be completely restored to its original state without changing its nature, which, in my view, is rather magical.

The rear block cushion can greatly improve the shock response, so that the performance of partial cushion is not affected by the whole cushion and runner can move more flexibly. As you can see there are many grooves. And it is the OMEGA groove design that makes full use of the groove space to achieve flexible cushioning effect.

And the rubber sole of the front increases the friction between the shoe and the ground, thus offering excellent grip for runners on both dry and wet grounds. And the soft sponge can help runners who are used to land with forefoot run much longer for it relieves fatigue of the feet.

The high stretch mesh upper has the perfect wrapping, breathable and supportive fabric, with the lightweight 3D printing technology used to strengthen the support, so that the running shoes have a light and comfortable excellent texture.

The super resilient shoelaces with the small shoelace holes makes the wrapping very excellent and  reduces tightness of the insteps so that wearing becomes more comfortable. Initially, I had thought Mizuno’s laces are first-rate, but this Brooks sneaker seems to perform better in this aspect. The materials used are not only more textured, but also much more elastic.

There’s a lot of printed information on the underside of the insole. The heel is semicircular and concave, which fits our heel very well, increasing comfort and wrapping.

Brooks Ghost10 is overall an excellent sneaker and has brought me many surprises. By running in different kind of roads, the shoe’s grip, cushion, support, wrapping and protection for the foot are all of the first level. The downside is that the breathability is moderate. In short, the Brooks Ghost10 is suitable for most beginners and intermediate runners with high cushioning requirements, but for runners in pursuit of speed, they can opt for lighter, faster running shoes.

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Brooks Levitate Performance Review

If my memory serves me right, I bought a pair of Brooks Ghost 7 at the beginning of my running “journey” when I had not tried the shoes of this brand before. Then I gradually got to know Brooks’ technology and its history. And actually, before the launch of Levitate, the protagonist today, I had been wondering whether to pick Glycerine 15 or not. But as it turned out, Brooks Levitate, with its new technology, really stunned me.

Honestly, I did prefer showing more details of the shoes rather than focusing on some secondary things. So let’s have a check of the shoes together.

This colorway is one of my favorite since I am especially fond of blue. And as a blue lover, I was astonished oneday at founding that I did not have a pair of blue running shoes. So this is one reason I picked Brooks Levitate. But what is more fascinating is that the shoes, with a silver midsole, looks more stylish and not so monotonous. However, if you don’t like blue this much, there is also a grey one which looks as much fashionable as the blue one.

This new cushioned shoe is the first of its kind with a seamless Fit Knit upper, offering even more breathability  but slightly less support.

The midsole has also been updated with a diamond-shaped design instead of a double layer. And most importantly, the foamy midsole which is thicker can offer runners more comfortableness and sense of security. But for those who are not used to this kind of sneakers, they may worry about the shoes being too heavy. But it is not although it looks somewhat bulky.

For the actual wearing experience, I feel the shoes are much softer  than the previous EVA  and they do feel better when I stepped on them.According to official data, there is 72% of energy rebound, but this, for me, is immeasurable and I can only feel the rebound from my feet.

And I also want to mention that the wrapping of the shoes is really good. But there is also a break-in period if you just newly picked the shoes.

As is shown in the image, the overall look of this shoes is reminiscent of Brooks’ classic collection: the fore parts are actually a little wider, which can be friendly to people with wide feet. Besides, the nice wrapping at the thick heel does help protect our feet, especially the heel tendon, which is probably the reason why the shoe weighs as much as most flagship running shoes.

As is mentioned above, this product adopts the new DNA AMP, so the overall shock response function will be enhanced compared with EVA (although Brooks still uses EVA the most and best at present).

Although the two sides of the vamp are strengthened, the overall feeling of support is slightly weak. However, the TPU in the middle can provide excellent support which can make up for the deficiency mention above.

For the outsole, it adopts a design different from the previous ones. And in addition to the improvement of technology, runners can enjoy the pleasure of acceleration of speed in the process of running. But personally, I feel that the sole is still not perfect: when it is used on wet grounds, it can not grip that nice as it usually does.

As for the durability, the shoe can be a reliable comrade; it is durable enough that you will feel it deserves the money.

In short, Levitate is designed to be more technical in its appearance; with good feedback in the midsole and enough cushion, it’s quite good as a training shoe. But the problem is it might be insufficient for people who are in pursuit of more shock absorption. So you might as well take this into consideration when you are thinking of picking it.