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Be pleasantly surprised by Jordan CP3.X

I wasn’t a huge fan of Cpx 3  and I was scared that the material was going to be a firm plastic. When I first held the shoe in my hand, I was pleasantly surprised.

Now we get it :              1,Material


It is very similar to the Kurim material that is found on the Jordan Ultra.Fly. The wave-patterned overlay that covers a good portion of the upper is made of a malleable rubber that does a great job keeping your foot in place, while also allowing your foot to flex when needed.

The wave pattern ties in well with the outsole of the shoe, and the look has really started to grow on me.Because of the outstanding materials that Jordan Brand used, the support on theJordan CP3.X was very good. As mentioned earlier, the rubber overlay did a great job in supporting the lateral side of the foot when making cuts, while not restricting forward movements.

2,Zoom air

The Jordan CP3.X features the same forefoot articulated Zoom unit that was implemented in the Jordan Ultra.Fly and CP3.IX

For me, is the fact that the individual Zoom pods are so small that they really don’t compress very much, which makes them feel hard. Of course, the more that I wore them the more the Zoom pods began to compress, but it really never felt comfortable for me. The model does provide for a lot of court feel, although that isn’t my preferred setup. But it wasn’t the court feel aspect that I had the problem with; the small Zoom units just felt uncomfortable and awkward, like there was something stuck to the bottom of my shoe. If you are a full back type of player, like a quick start sprint, you would like  CP3. X. But if you need to slow down, and like the Zoom air  set , then  I will  recommended that you can buy Jordan 29/ low. I almost would have preferred if there had been no Zoom in the forefoot at all because this would have allowed for the maximum amount of court feel, without the discomfort of the Zoom unit.

3,lacing system.

Without doubt , i like the parts very much . This setup features not only Flywire, but a dynamic setup that connects to the tongue. It’s a pretty unique system that allowed me to lace up the shoes extremely comfortably and tight. The V-shaped structure that the lacing system has also conformed to my foot quite well and looked great from the top down. I felt extremely secure in these shoes and loved the way that they wrapped around my foot.However , it is a little to take off  . And  it is true fit size . If you really want a tight fit with that woven upper, you could go down half a size.


Overall ,the Cpx .3 , whatever parts ,I is pleasantly surprised. And the perfect material and good looking