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Close Look and Opening: Air Jordan 4 Metallic Purple

Air Jordan shoes are actually very classic and among the 4 most popular editions(the 1st, 4th, 6th and 11th), I am not that familiar with the 4th since I was not fortunate enough to have gotten one. But luckily, upon the launch of the AJ4 Metallic Pack, I’ve finally picked a pair  which is my favorite colorway.

As is shown in the picture, there were 4 colorways to be launched at the first place, but the last one was never released.

The shoe box adopts the bright paper and the flying logo can be reflective when illuminated.

What’s more, the printed letters on the back of the shoe box are also bright purple, making the whole box elegant.

The first sight of the shoes has left me a deep impression: they just nestled “quietly” inside the box as if they were bashful little girls. Honestly, I have no resistance to white shoes, especially the nice ones. So in terms of the shoes’ appearance, they can be said to be one of the most beautiful shoes on the market.

The mainly white appearance with some purple decorations, not so unique though, is still very compelling since there isn’t any fancy design.

Just looking at the toe, it looks a bit like AF1. But here I don’t want to lay it on thick about the shoes’ performances, I just want to share with you the truest feelings I have. In fact, a lot of Nike shoes are not so friendly to our feet, and this one is not an exception. But at least, the wide toe of the shoe will not press our toes, so it is recommended for people with wide feet.

From the material on the toe, I can also see sheer beauty of ox leather which is fine but not very soft, and I hope it won’t be wrinkled after a period of time.

The lace buckle is the biggest highlight of the whole vamp. It looks like metal , but is actually plastic. The visual effect, however, is still great.

As for the opalescent nylon mesh, it is not much better than plastic in terms of oxidation resistance and should turn yellow sooner or later.

The leather at the heel is not so soft and in case of being scraped, you’d better wear mid-calf length socks.

The smooth lining material makes it much easier to put on and take off the shoes.

Judging from the outsole, it can be durable enough that it will be a long-lasting companion. But on the other hand, it is also hard enough that you’d better not expect much feedback or rebound from it.

(The AIR SOLE in the rear part. )

The insoles are also purple, but the logo on it may fade away as time passes by.


In short, except the foot feel which is beyond my expression, the overall appearance of the shoe is satisfactory. But however refreshing the shoe looks , the air permeability is a problem in summer days.

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Kaws x Air Jordan 4 Black Performance reviews


Artist KAWS will be working together with Jordan Brand to release a collaboration— KAWS x Air Jordan 4. I am so lucky that I got this one .

So today we are talking about it .


The KAWS x Air Jordan 4 features a full Cool black premium suede upper that has some texturing to it for a unique look. 

For the box, it Pretty cool for the log “XX”

When we open the box ,we can see the the dust bag and the brand card

For the  material :  Kaws x Air Jordan 4 utilized the premium suede upper that has some texturing to it for a unique look , it is comfortable and soft material , I  like this kind of materail very much .

The most  specification is the  midsole which use the suede  material , I never see this design except this one . and it is soft too .

For the traction : Kaws x Air Jordan 4  used the great rubber that comfortable  and amazing .  the most important is this material will be glow in the night . it is amazing .

there is the jumpmen logo on the  bottom with  an icy translucent glow-in-the-dark outsole with KAWS graphics.

there are the co-branded heel tabs  ,and the “AIR ” on there .


we can see the upper details as below . it is soft and comfortable . 

the waxed laces is great too .

there is a jumpmen on the tongue . 

For the supporting : Not much support is in there ,  but the molded arch and superior lockdown provide you with enough support throughout to make these enjoyable to play in at positions 1-4.

overall , Air Jordan 4 “KAWS” is without doubt, one of the top sneaker releases of 2017, the amazing  upper material and the  glow material will be attracted a lot of people . the feeling is great when you  playing

Dont miss it !

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Air Jordan 4 Retro LS—Sweet Shoes

$95.00Select options

Oreo cake was born in 1912, it is popular when it on the market . Oreo was become  the words that Chocolate and cookies all over the world .

More and more people call the Air Jordan 4 Retro LS  which black with white was Oreo. Continue reading Air Jordan 4 Retro LS—Sweet Shoes

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Air Jordan 4 Royalty- Black/Metallic Gold-White– Make Way for Royalty

Make way for royalty with one of the Jordan releases 2017 as these kicks become available on the 5th of January. One of the new Jordans, the shoes will sell for $190 which is more or less what all other Air Jordan sneakers are sold for.

Air Jordan 4 Royalty

Air Jordan 4 Royalty
Size Run: Mens
Color:Black/Metallic Gold-White
Style Code:308497-032
Release Date:February 4, 2017

So why would you choose this one amongst the others? To start off, it is a “Royalty” edition, bearing the colors of black, metallic gold, and white. The Air Jordan 4 silhouette is not bad either as it utilizes a nubuck upper and pristine white soles.

A Glance at the Design
The shoes make good use of a layering approach with a mesh as the initial layer topped by more traditional plain black leather. The addition of gold is what really sets these kicks apart from all other Air Jordan 4 releases in the past. The gold is generously displayed on the shoes starting with the Jumpman logo on the tongue. The word “Flight” is placed on the bottom of the logo, also inscribed in golden coloring.

Air Jordan 4 Royalty

Gold metallic pieces are used as buckles for the laces, adding to the appearance of Royalty. Combined with the pure black coloring of this Air Jordan 4 release, you can tell that Nike aimed for “class” and “timeless” with this particular piece. In all honesty, it is tough to find another mid-ranged Nike shoe that carries the same distinctive prestige.

The laces are kept basic with a black coloring and a flat design. That is actually a good thing since this means you can easily replace the laces should you lose them at some point.

Air Jordan 4 Royalty

The tongue is also done in solid black with only the Jumpman logo as its marking. From the back, you can see another Jumpman logo – this one also using the same gold coloring.

The soles are done in basic white which helps set off the black and gold color combination. This creates a very clean feel to the shoes – making it perfect for practically anything from a McDonalds visit to walking the red carpet.

Air Jordan 4 Royalty

The bottom portion is a fairly basic combination of black and white with a Jumpman logo on the center – this one done in black.

All in all, it is a pretty sweet piece for shoes priced at just $190 by Air Jordan. If you are going to buy just one piece this year, this is definitely a good bet as the shoes hit that perfect balance of class, style, and pricing.

Of course – you can always wait for other models if you do not like it.