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Air Jordan 1 Performance Review

For a long time, there has been quite different opinions about the types of Air Jordan shoes. In terms of Air Jordan 1, some deem that only the high-top  ones are the core and soul of the shoe. However, from the perspective of doers, it is the overall experiences of the shoes that really account. As long as they are comfortable enough and good-looking, the low-top and middle-top ones can also be charming.

So every time when summer is around the corner,Jordan series apparently speeds up the update of the low-top Air Jordan 1, showing that low-top shoes are indeed a more popular option in the hot summers.

To begin with, let’s take a look at a highly cost-effective Air Jordan sneaker. This Air Jordan 1 Low SE Fuchsia, dubbed “grape red”, adopts a black-toe and rose pink perforated suede heel design that makes the shoe much more novel compared with the classic designs.

Along with “grape red” came the familiar “laser blue”, the Air Jordan 1 Low Laser Blue. The light blue is especially suitable for summer outings and for boys who want a pair of eye-catching shoes and can match their clothes nicely.

Similar to the last  two editions, this Air Jordan 1 Low Cyber Green is also a suitable one to pick up at the moment. At the price of  around CNY 500, this low-top model also adopts the black-toe design. And above all, for those who wanna a stunning effect on their looking, this shoe is more than suitable because it easily matches  jeans, overalls or any other clothes.

Then for the Air Jordan 1 Low Court Purple which had been tried by Wu Yifan, it suddenly became a warmly-welcomed sneaker among many starstruck girls. The designer filled the front part, the heel and outsole with purple elements, combined with a multi-material blending process, to bestow the shoes a higher and nicer texture.

Contrast-color design is one of the hottest topics in recent years and there are examples as well. The  LeBron Watch series have many kinds of contrast-color design. And so do Air Jordan 1 which  has “gone rampant” in the market. The one example here is Air Jordan 1 Low that comprises of blue, orange and white, which forms a strong visual impact and quite inviting to girls.

Dubbed “Celtic” because of its emerald green, the Air Jordan 1 Low Pine Green is one of the pioneers of Jordan Brand in the low-top field. From my point of view, this green colorway  is more pure than the black and green one of the same color series. Besides, rather than being monotonous,  the combination of green and white looks quite lively and vigorous.

The combination of black, white and blue of Air Jordan 1 Low Game Royal is one of Jordan’s classic colorways. So this Air Jordan 1 Low Game Royal  can’t be absent from this article.

It is beyond doubt that as a pair of “star” shoes, Air Jordan 1 Low Black Toe entails significant meanings. It has become a classic and also means a lot to me.


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Air Jordan 1 Ret High OG Wings Performance Review

The Air Jordan 12 Wings will have a follow-up in spirit with this premium pre-aged patina-finished Jordan 1 complete with an homage to the famous Michael Jordan ‘Wings’ poster which with a patina-finished premium leather base with boot-style leather laces.

Today we can see more details

There are the more picture from fastpass

for the box ,it is nothing special

just a logo of jump men

the details of the side 


the code of Jordan 1

the bag also have the logo of jumpmen

all of the details are  beautiful and match the jordan shoes

OG Wings branding, and a unique heel and tongue tag featuring the ‘Wings’ silhouette from the 1989 Nike poster. Other premium details include a familiar ‘Wings’ graphic lining that carries over from the Jordan 12


for the cushioning :  cushion wasn’t great  as last version , maybe this is the only one disadvantage  that I dont like it .

The Wings logo appear on the tongue tab, gold-plated heel tab and is visible through a blue-tinted translucent outsole. 

For the traction : The Wings logo appear  everywhere . and the  great traction which the traction is incredible from the front to back standpoint.

For the ventilation , Not much of any but there are perforations featured on the toe as well as a nylon tongue for some ventilation, but there are the air hole to help the air through out.

For the material : Full leather uppers and a rubber midsole and outsole add some sturdiness as well as weight.and  the material added strength and durability which can be a nice and comfortable .

We can see the log on the tongue tab 

the details of the inside 

the swoosh logo of the side

The Air Jordan wing logo as there

The lace system is amazing .

the  Wings logo appear  appear the insole 

we can see the data of insole . including the  wide , length and so on 

the details of the tag

the weight of the shoes , it is not very weight . 

Overall , it is nicely and amazing shoes . dont miss it .

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Air Jordan 1 High Strap-this time with straps.

The shoe that started it all is coming back, this time with straps.

How do you feel about the Air Jordan 1 High Strap? Continue reading Air Jordan 1 High Strap-this time with straps.