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Close Look and Opening: J Balvin x AJ1

When talking about AJ1, the words that come into your mind might be “a has-been star”. In the first three months of AJ1’s 35th anniversary, which began last year, people have lost interest in the shoes completely. But is the shoe really out of fashion? Anyway, “the benevolent see benevolence and the wise see wisdom”; opinions of different people can vary greatly and you can remain your own. 

However, today I am not talking about AJ1 further more, but I am going to share with you some tech ans setups of another shoes, the co-branded J Balvin x AJ1. It’s safe to say that this co-branded shoes are very eye-catching and can be a good match for all kinds of clothes.

Earlier this year the images of the J Balvin x AJ1 have been exposed. But it was not until in February that the shoes debuted  in J Balvin’s performance, both exciting the whole present audiences.

Good news is that J Balvin himself has observed that the shoes would be available this year and is expected to be released in November.

The colorway and shoe type of this J Balvin x AJ1 are both fantastic, both of which has to some extent changed the design concept of AJ1 . With respect to the former, some fans said that it is mostly a reference to the hair color of J Balvin, which is very novel and originate. And with the  canvas vamp, the overall shoe looks very refreshing.

It is believed that the design of J Balvin X AJ1 is completely integrated with J Balvin’s own aesthetic appreciation of fashion  and his love for color elements. And even the jagged design of the shoes leaves no doubt that it was inspired by his hairstyle.



In addition to the unique design and colorway of the upper, J Balvin’s iconic smiley face logo, which very popular in recent years, is adorned at both heels and the left shoe tongue.


The shoes were to have been released at the first place, but for the pandemic, many of the planned releases of models were delayed again and again with the most likely release date set for November. But notwithstanding the fact, I hope that the shoes can keep its appointment this time. And so how much do you expect its arrival?

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AIR JORDAN 30 Performance Review

When I first got to know my favorite player, what attracted me most was his calmness and performances on court. In contrast to the rebellious and passionate NBA league which consists mostly of black players, his character, in my view, stood out from the crowd. And because I like basketball, I like basketball shoes likewise and my favorite of course is the gray AJ30. In the surrounding magnificent sneakers, the AJ30 seems out of place and appears all the more unadorned. This, however, can not detract from my appreciation of it.

Looking at the changes of AJ shoes, we can easily draw a conclusion that there are major changes in every three editions.

For example, there are not magnificent changes between the AJ3, 4 and 5 and so is the case for AJ31, 32 and 33. It is shocking, however, that the AJ 34 is a very big change from the previous versions.

For AJ30, it is mostly criticized for its being completely the same with AJ29 in the soles.

AJ31 adopts the full-foot  Zoom AIR, AJ32 the separated Zoom AIR and AJ33 the separated Zoom AIR plus the Fast FIT. So even if they are similar with each other in the setups, never is there a version that copies the setup of the last one’s except AJ30. So it’s no wonder that it will come into criticizing.


Despite the fact, however, there are still highlights of the shoes that deserves our paying attention to. So how does it look like from the perspective of design?

Judging from its appearance, it’s actually quite handsome! After all, it was created by legendary shoe designers Tinker Hatfheld and Mark Smith.

The upper is made from a mix of woven, knitted and 3D-printed materials that it creates a unique visual gradient.

The upper wrapping, when compare with AJ29, is much nicer and tighter and the breathability is improved. But the design of heel part is even more delicate. The “XXX” unique of the AJ30 is integrated into the TPU at the heel which is similar to the basket net. Besides its nice looking, it also stabilizes the heel.

This is the so-called 3D printed tech and the toe made from it can protect our feet very well.

In the image we can see the asymmetrical design. The Air Jordan XXX was inspired by AJ12 for its comfortable and stable wearing experience with asymmetrical topline and the map design on the tongue should be inherited from AJ9.

In the pattern of the midsole and outsole, there is a unconspicuous butfamous saying: excellence is always the most important.

Given that there is unnecessary friction between the sock and the insole that causes the foot to slide inside the shoe when people are exercising,  the AJ 30 was specifically added a frictional rubber stripe to the insole.

Placed in the middle is the FlightSpee which is inherited from XX9. In the fore sole, there’s a large separated Zoom Air cushion while there is not  shockproof technology equipped in the rear sole.

The shoes are rather excellent in the support, grip and cushioning and hold a lead over many sneakers in the long-term tests. Tinker Hatfield also owns that this is probably the best practical sole so far.

But still, it receives mixed reviews for its performance. And when looking at it objectively, we can find many advantages.


In a word, “The benevolent see benevolence and the wise see wisdom.” But the reason I am here is not to change your opinions of it, but to offer you an objective image of the shoe and its setups. And let’s reject being a blind follower and stick to the choice in our hearts!

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Closed Look and Opening:Jordan 1 Mid Iridescent White

In fact, of AIR JORDAN 1, there is another style of shoes that has been very popular in the past year: the comic style. The so-called comic style is mostly on the basis of white shoes with black edge, which is quite an easy thing to carry out and a rather fantastic originality.

Honestly, I myself have been obsessed with white shoes for a long time. So when I met this AIR JORDAN 1 MID, I found myself in love with it. Its appearance is just so appealing, and with so reasonable a price at present, I picked a pair right away.

As can be obviously seen that there are differences between the pictures in the above and the below. In the absence of lights, the shoes are likes this: besides the white part, there are only decorated black lines left. But when the flash is on, the shoes become colorful, which can be very pleasing to the eyes.

So let’s go on checking the shoes with the flash on. For the toe part of the shoes, it is pure white and square, and with the embellishment of the metallic luster, the overall is very good-looking.

And the same goes for the “hooks” at the side. Because of the decoration, they become more  solid and eye-pleasing.

As for the outsole, it is sheer white, thus inviting lots of visible dust and all kinds of dirt to the surface. What’s worse, since the grooves in the sole are somewhat big, chances are that you will find your soles be fraught with gravels, which can be frustrating. So if you are tired of or frightened by the frequent washing needed to keep the shoes clean, this might not be a good choice for you.

On the other hand, however, not dirt-proof as it is, it still grips nicely on most courts, and it performs especially nicely in emergency stops.

The reflection effect of different areas is not identical, however, the shoe is very nice all the time.

The overall shoe type is fluid, and it is certain that the shoes must be an eye-catching object on the court. No less certain is it that with all its excellent setups there, the shoes will be a reliable comrade of which you can expect surprises.


The one “fatal” shortcoming of the shoes that sets back many people is its intolerance to dirt, not only in the sole, but the overall shoes. However, if this is not a big problem for you and you are much more into this kind of pure white style, you might as well take it into consideration.

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Close Look and Opening: Air Jordan 4 Metallic Purple

Air Jordan shoes are actually very classic and among the 4 most popular editions(the 1st, 4th, 6th and 11th), I am not that familiar with the 4th since I was not fortunate enough to have gotten one. But luckily, upon the launch of the AJ4 Metallic Pack, I’ve finally picked a pair  which is my favorite colorway.

As is shown in the picture, there were 4 colorways to be launched at the first place, but the last one was never released.

The shoe box adopts the bright paper and the flying logo can be reflective when illuminated.

What’s more, the printed letters on the back of the shoe box are also bright purple, making the whole box elegant.

The first sight of the shoes has left me a deep impression: they just nestled “quietly” inside the box as if they were bashful little girls. Honestly, I have no resistance to white shoes, especially the nice ones. So in terms of the shoes’ appearance, they can be said to be one of the most beautiful shoes on the market.

The mainly white appearance with some purple decorations, not so unique though, is still very compelling since there isn’t any fancy design.

Just looking at the toe, it looks a bit like AF1. But here I don’t want to lay it on thick about the shoes’ performances, I just want to share with you the truest feelings I have. In fact, a lot of Nike shoes are not so friendly to our feet, and this one is not an exception. But at least, the wide toe of the shoe will not press our toes, so it is recommended for people with wide feet.

From the material on the toe, I can also see sheer beauty of ox leather which is fine but not very soft, and I hope it won’t be wrinkled after a period of time.

The lace buckle is the biggest highlight of the whole vamp. It looks like metal , but is actually plastic. The visual effect, however, is still great.

As for the opalescent nylon mesh, it is not much better than plastic in terms of oxidation resistance and should turn yellow sooner or later.

The leather at the heel is not so soft and in case of being scraped, you’d better wear mid-calf length socks.

The smooth lining material makes it much easier to put on and take off the shoes.

Judging from the outsole, it can be durable enough that it will be a long-lasting companion. But on the other hand, it is also hard enough that you’d better not expect much feedback or rebound from it.

(The AIR SOLE in the rear part. )

The insoles are also purple, but the logo on it may fade away as time passes by.


In short, except the foot feel which is beyond my expression, the overall appearance of the shoe is satisfactory. But however refreshing the shoe looks , the air permeability is a problem in summer days.

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Close Look and Opening: Air Jordan 11 “Bred”

I’ve picked this AJ11 “Bred” GS  for several months and I had intended to share with you about this shoes at the first place. But it has been delayed again and again and now it is here.

The size of this shoe box is compared with many others exceptionally small and the cowhide paper box is a homage to the first year’s.

At the side are colors of black and red, which is the same colorway of the shoes.

The AJ11 “Bred” GS has witnessed Jordan’s second triple-peat which is said to be the second starting point. And if you a Jordan fan, you may know that it was the AJ6 that witnessed his  first triple-peat which was a rather glorious moment.

For its appearance, I can not praise it enough although rumor has it that the workmanship of GS shoes is usually worse than that of males’.  And I even feel honored with it when I was playing basketball since it is actually a very nice companion. 

However, there is a fly in the ointment. That is the toe part which is short and blunt, making the whole not perfect.

The side design is very elegant and fluid, something of soft beauty.

The biggest advantage of GS model is that the shoe body adopts patent leather.

On the shoe tongue there’s a tag printed with some basic information about the shoes. However, I can not help but complaining the texture of the shoelaces which feel like hemp ropes. And when the “ropes” are compared with modern sneaker shoelaces, the former appears very stocky.

But the tongue is indeed very soft that it can not press the ankle.

Jordan’s player number 23 appears in the heel. From the back of the shoe, we can see that  the GS is narrow in shoe body, so those whose feet are wide might find it unfriendly. Therefore, if you are one of the wide footers, you  might as well ditch the choice.

One of the shoes’ other advantages, besides its handsome appearance, is its red outsole. In addition to its elegance, the sole is also antioxidant.

For the size problem, I am quite helpless. Normally I wear  size 42 and a half, but it is beyond my imagination that I can wear 40 of this AJ11 “Bred” GS and I even feel flexible.


In short, “there are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand eyes”; everyone has his or her own taste  with respect to shoes. But what is most important here is that you can meet with the one that suits you best and make you feel comfortable.

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Close Look and Opening: Jordan Westbrook One Take

There are thousands of different sneakers on the market and there must be one that suits you best. Some sneaker enthusiasts may take the trouble of trying many shoes so as to find the most suitable one. To that end, here I’ve brought a pair of Jordan Westbrook One Take for you to check and that may arouse your interest and can be suitable for most people .

Hailed by the “Shoe King”, Tucker, as “one of the most comfortable and practical shoes”, the series launched this pair of Beijing city-specific colorway which, however, is rather cost-effective. But it should be mentioned here that the shoe last slant is relatively narrow, hence, those whose feet are wide are recommended to pick a bigger size.

For the shoebox, there is nothing new to be mentioned and it even adopts the same design as the other model of Westbrook.

With respect to the shoe’s appearance, the overall shape is the classic Westbrook style and appears quite  angular. And complicated as it looks, but on closer inspection it is quite simple.

The main material of the shoe surface is a whole piece of mesh fabric and from the static point of view, the permeability is above the average level.

The gradual red-orange in the vamp is very nice indeed which is really a eye-catching design.

On the outside of the forefoot there are two large pieces of patent-like leather that feel very smooth and are used to enhance support for the vamp.

At the ankle, there’s also a big leather that wraps around the entire heel and offers protection.

It is worth mentioning that the mint green material on the leather  is luminous and can emit a “dazzling” light in the dark.

And as you can see that in the middle of the upper, there are two pieces of upside-down triangle leather.

Along with the flexibility of the tongue, the design of the shoe is indeed very friendly to high-instep ones.

There is also a separate inner boot on the heel, which is a consistent feature of the Westbrook shoes.

The inside counter of the heel, with a piece of encircling hard plastic on the outside, together  improves the wrapping of the heel.

In terms of the midsole, it is still the combination of the front-foot  Zoom Air and the heel Phylon. Since the zoom below is very close to the insole, the rebound or feedback can be apparently felt.

Besides, we can also see a very visible arch support piece in the midsole, which provides a torsion resistance performance as well as  arch support.

For the outsole, it is the same luminous crystal bottom of whose performance I am still expecting. But I am sure it won’t fail me.

In a word, I think this is a simplified version of the Westbrook 3. The overall design and the setups are all very inviting for me and let’s wait and see what surprises it will bring us.

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Must-have summer shoes for girls

I was recently asked by many friends that if I had any recommendations for summer sneakers. And my answer was “yes” and here are my recommendations which are sure to be wonderful and match summer excellently.

My first recommendation is this Adidas Originals Superstar. The reason for recommending this sneaker is that it is very eye-catching wherever you go and it seems like to glow in the dark or when reflected by light, which is rather appealing.

The designer added three stripes on the side, which is iconic symbol of the brand and, this time, with  a stylish laser-like design at the end, the shoe looks brilliant. But as a classic Adidas shoe, even without the design mentioned above, the name Superstar alone is a great reason to pick up the shoes.

The next one is the Air Jordan 1Dynamic Yellow Floral.  With it, you are sure to gain a lot of attention. The lemon yellow + white collocation makes the shoe very pleasing to the eye. And the embroidered yellow rose and logo on the tongue of the shoe also can make girls feel excited. It wears comfortably and the shock absorption function is always “online” to protect the feet. Most importantly, it matches both “oversize” and dresses excellently.

The third one is Vans Style 36 SF. Canvas shoes fit summer very well, especially this one. If you distaste for sameness, this one is  then a must-have for you. The surface canvas and suffle stitching details are in place, and the sole is softer than the classic canvas shoes. It is actually more than suitable for summer. 

As a skateboard shoe brand with over 50 years’ history,Vans shoes are already deep-rooted in many people’s heart. So a fresh pair of floral shoes must not be absent from Vans Girls’ summer. And my recommendation here is Vans Era.

This Vans Era’s colorway is very unusual and its theme is to protect the earth. The “Love Mother Earth” on the side of the shoe presents a strong visual impact, which is really cool.

Because of the arrival of summer, a variety of delicate things ensued, including this Converse One Star Vanilla/Solar Power which is also my favorite. Among the Converse girls, you are most likely to stand out because the shoe is not only lively, but also makes you look fairer.

When talking about summer,  I think of nothing but hot weather and the dazzling sun. But good news is this Nike Air Force 1 Green Strike will be a comfort for you and has a refreshing effect.

It is not only a continuation of the classic series, but also a more dynamic combination of white and Green. And the stylish green of the shoe  in summer attracts people a lot.

Next is the Air Jordan 1 UNC. The Air Jordan 1 is a homage to MichaelJordan’s Alma Mater UNC North Carolina University. It  is made of north Carolina blue and white with a white midsole and a north Carolina style outsole, highlighting the classic details.

The last one is the Nike ZoomX Vista Grind Barely Volt/White/Eggplant. When the classic technology meets its fashionable appearance, you may get stunned at it. This ZoomX Vista Grind fabric splicing upper combines different materials to create a different shoe body .

Its colorway is a combination of  green, violet and pink, making me can’t help but take a more look at it. With straight-leg pants, it will make you look thinner because of its relatively big outsole.


With so many choices here, you may even get bemused since they are all nice and cheap. So, have you found the one attracting you most? If so, just have a try.


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Air Jordan 1 Performance Review

For a long time, there has been quite different opinions about the types of Air Jordan shoes. In terms of Air Jordan 1, some deem that only the high-top  ones are the core and soul of the shoe. However, from the perspective of doers, it is the overall experiences of the shoes that really account. As long as they are comfortable enough and good-looking, the low-top and middle-top ones can also be charming.

So every time when summer is around the corner,Jordan series apparently speeds up the update of the low-top Air Jordan 1, showing that low-top shoes are indeed a more popular option in the hot summers.

To begin with, let’s take a look at a highly cost-effective Air Jordan sneaker. This Air Jordan 1 Low SE Fuchsia, dubbed “grape red”, adopts a black-toe and rose pink perforated suede heel design that makes the shoe much more novel compared with the classic designs.

Along with “grape red” came the familiar “laser blue”, the Air Jordan 1 Low Laser Blue. The light blue is especially suitable for summer outings and for boys who want a pair of eye-catching shoes and can match their clothes nicely.

Similar to the last  two editions, this Air Jordan 1 Low Cyber Green is also a suitable one to pick up at the moment. At the price of  around CNY 500, this low-top model also adopts the black-toe design. And above all, for those who wanna a stunning effect on their looking, this shoe is more than suitable because it easily matches  jeans, overalls or any other clothes.

Then for the Air Jordan 1 Low Court Purple which had been tried by Wu Yifan, it suddenly became a warmly-welcomed sneaker among many starstruck girls. The designer filled the front part, the heel and outsole with purple elements, combined with a multi-material blending process, to bestow the shoes a higher and nicer texture.

Contrast-color design is one of the hottest topics in recent years and there are examples as well. The  LeBron Watch series have many kinds of contrast-color design. And so do Air Jordan 1 which  has “gone rampant” in the market. The one example here is Air Jordan 1 Low that comprises of blue, orange and white, which forms a strong visual impact and quite inviting to girls.

Dubbed “Celtic” because of its emerald green, the Air Jordan 1 Low Pine Green is one of the pioneers of Jordan Brand in the low-top field. From my point of view, this green colorway  is more pure than the black and green one of the same color series. Besides, rather than being monotonous,  the combination of green and white looks quite lively and vigorous.

The combination of black, white and blue of Air Jordan 1 Low Game Royal is one of Jordan’s classic colorways. So this Air Jordan 1 Low Game Royal  can’t be absent from this article.

It is beyond doubt that as a pair of “star” shoes, Air Jordan 1 Low Black Toe entails significant meanings. It has become a classic and also means a lot to me.


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Jordan Ultra Fly 2 Performance Review

My first impression of Ultra Fly 2 came from the “flight General Administration” activity of the summer Jordan in the 2017. At that time, .Fly 2017 of the trial shoe money was completely finished, the staff sent to the late player is this pair of Ultra Fly 2. I am so luck that got one . I was impressed by its shape.

The design of  in Air Jordan 15, using a similar CP3 IX lacing system has become the most surprise of  Ultra Fly 2 . At the same time, the design of the integrated shoe body and the outer surface of the rubber can not improve the facial value of the shoes, but also further forms a package similar to the whole palm inner boot, so that people will not have much doubt about the shoe’s body performance.


For the traction, the design of  zoom+ Hex zoom , and the placement of TPU in arch are great. Although this configuration is not outstanding at the original price , it is indeed within the range of the price. On the big bottom, the shoe is designed with a ripple pattern, which is also the same as SuperFly 2017 at the time.



For wrapping ,Because the design between the integral upper inner cladding lining directly (no tongue design), shoes wrapping can be said to be strong. After wearing shoes for more than a week, you can feel that the package is very tight .



The heel of the shoes also contains a hard – textured built-in module,  with the upwards and thickened inner linings, which can lock your heel firmly.

For the cushioning .The Ultra.Fly 2 uses heel and forefoot Zoom Air.but shoes in cushioning comfort and it is really worth praising. To guard, it   just perfect cushioning , let it become a pair of shoes is very suitable for the defender to break the shoes.The Ultra.Fly 2 starts off feeling a bit heavy feeling underfoot. This is due to the fairly dense Phylon midsole used here. so maybe you will feel more harder. Despite being on the dense side, the foam did feel like it had some rebound once broken-in. This then allowed me to feel the Zoom Air that was installed within the forefoot of the shoe quite a bit. but for some player, maybe it just perfect.


For the supporting ,The support features one would expect to be in place are all here and accounted for. That is great. Surprise after playing, it become a pair of shoes is very suitable for the defender to break the shoes.A couple of features that set the Jordan Ultra.Fly 2 apart from the rest are the way the upper is constructed, allowing motion while still retaining the ability to properly contain and support during lateral movements, and the sculpted midsole. For me, It looks like it’s just aesthetic but the way the midsole swoops up along the lateral midfoot and medial heel ensures that you and the footbed are one.   

Overall, Ultra Fly 2 X is very suitable for breakthrough players’ , for the strong package to the metamorphosis and stability, and the “hidden attribute” of the big bottom can improve the cost performance of these shoes.also if you like the PG 1, it will the best one choice.

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Jordan Brand Bring the Air Jordan 6 CNY For Celebrating Chinese New Year With New look

The fireworks has become synonymous with “joyous “in Chinese .  and in order to show the  festive atmosphere  such as the holiday , there are a lot of people will use the fireworks , such as the Chinese New Year  which  the big holiday in China . Fireworks represents a happy life, nice mood, but also represents the wish of the new year .

This year, gorgeous fireworks has  become one of the protagonists of the Nike “CNY Pack”, they  bring the newest one – – Air Jordan VI “CNY”.

For the box, it is different  others, Air Jordan VI “CNY” uses a “lid-separated” black gold shoebox and a pair of shoes wrapped in double-damp paper to show  the attention  of Jordan Brand.


Dressed in a Black, Multi-Color, Summit White and Metallic Gold color scheme,with digital printing of fireworks highlighting the theme . Red and yellow of  “sky fireworks” patterns throughout the shoes, making the shoes full of festive atmosphere. In the meantime, 2018 CNY theme —peony, and other flower patterns are embroidered on the background to shoe the joyous of holiday.

In addition to the gorgeous flowers, Air Jordan 6 “CNY” overall material also will be great. The embroidery used the special fabric which more  texture , while other parts  used  suede material that to keep warm. Also we can see the  3M reflective material with the  black gold color shoes . It is look great .

Besides Air Jordan VI “CNY”, Jordan Brand also introduced the same color matching Air Jordan 32 “CNY”.Featuring a black, multicolor, summit white and metallic gold color scheme with probable Chinese New Year graphics.Whatever playing in the field and or  leisure time ,two kind os shoes are  enough to make you like it and  attracted by a lot of Chinese .

Overall, The CNY series will be popular in the Chinese marketing .Why not got one for the preparing holiday ?