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Air Jordan 30 pure performance review

The Air Jordan 30 (XXX) was unveiled on January 14th, 2016 at a live event in Chicago, IL. Heralded as the greatest performing Air Jordan yet, the XXX features a knit and woven upper highlighted by a unique toe cap and FlightSpeed chassis.

How did Jordan Brand do with the Air Jordan XXX (30) in terms of pure performance?

Now we get it :


Without doubt ,the favorite of Air Jordan 30 is the material and fashion design .Jordan  brand keeps remaining their own tech .even when is dose not change .First it was performance woven .then Flyweave ,and now they are just calling it Jacquard .Either way ,it is a woven upper  and i love it .Jordan brand has added a toe cap for additional durability from toe -drags .The upper is a little thinner on the XXX9 . The comfortable of upper improve the wrapping on the feet .especial the ankle of wrapping , i feel good . What ever the material and design .



The tooling remains the same as the previous air jordan, so the cushion setup is pretty much identical . However ,there was one  notable change that aided in much smoother heel to toe  transition ,the TPU that wrapped the midsole was Flightspeed. The good thing about this change is that the heel compress and is very comfortable .despite lacking any air cushion .The downside is that the foam they used is a little too soft so you may experience some instability there .A sightly firmer foam would have solved this issue while still maintaining that smoother heel to toe transition .Forefoot cushion is unlocked zoom air .and it is feels awesome .

3, Fit and support

The air Jordan 30 fit true to size and this is one area that I will say has been improved over the 29 -it is mores in line with the xxx9 low , the fit is snug and improved.Wide footer will want to try them on as the forefoot area is very form-fitting ,some may find uncomfortable .Lockdown has been improved due to the tightened up forefoot as well .

With a more snug and security fitting upper will be slighter than it was on the XXX9 .The midfoot the outsole base

,outrigger ,everything -exactly the same as the air Jordan XX9.

Overall ,if you loved the Jordan XX9 then you will likely enjoy air Jordan xxx,but if you want play clean court ,the n you have leave worry about it .

The fashion design and comfortable material , i would rather say no one can refuse it .