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AIR JORDAN 30 Performance Review

When I first got to know my favorite player, what attracted me most was his calmness and performances on court. In contrast to the rebellious and passionate NBA league which consists mostly of black players, his character, in my view, stood out from the crowd. And because I like basketball, I like basketball shoes likewise and my favorite of course is the gray AJ30. In the surrounding magnificent sneakers, the AJ30 seems out of place and appears all the more unadorned. This, however, can not detract from my appreciation of it.

Looking at the changes of AJ shoes, we can easily draw a conclusion that there are major changes in every three editions.

For example, there are not magnificent changes between the AJ3, 4 and 5 and so is the case for AJ31, 32 and 33. It is shocking, however, that the AJ 34 is a very big change from the previous versions.

For AJ30, it is mostly criticized for its being completely the same with AJ29 in the soles.

AJ31 adopts the full-foot  Zoom AIR, AJ32 the separated Zoom AIR and AJ33 the separated Zoom AIR plus the Fast FIT. So even if they are similar with each other in the setups, never is there a version that copies the setup of the last one’s except AJ30. So it’s no wonder that it will come into criticizing.


Despite the fact, however, there are still highlights of the shoes that deserves our paying attention to. So how does it look like from the perspective of design?

Judging from its appearance, it’s actually quite handsome! After all, it was created by legendary shoe designers Tinker Hatfheld and Mark Smith.

The upper is made from a mix of woven, knitted and 3D-printed materials that it creates a unique visual gradient.

The upper wrapping, when compare with AJ29, is much nicer and tighter and the breathability is improved. But the design of heel part is even more delicate. The “XXX” unique of the AJ30 is integrated into the TPU at the heel which is similar to the basket net. Besides its nice looking, it also stabilizes the heel.

This is the so-called 3D printed tech and the toe made from it can protect our feet very well.

In the image we can see the asymmetrical design. The Air Jordan XXX was inspired by AJ12 for its comfortable and stable wearing experience with asymmetrical topline and the map design on the tongue should be inherited from AJ9.

In the pattern of the midsole and outsole, there is a unconspicuous butfamous saying: excellence is always the most important.

Given that there is unnecessary friction between the sock and the insole that causes the foot to slide inside the shoe when people are exercising,  the AJ 30 was specifically added a frictional rubber stripe to the insole.

Placed in the middle is the FlightSpee which is inherited from XX9. In the fore sole, there’s a large separated Zoom Air cushion while there is not  shockproof technology equipped in the rear sole.

The shoes are rather excellent in the support, grip and cushioning and hold a lead over many sneakers in the long-term tests. Tinker Hatfield also owns that this is probably the best practical sole so far.

But still, it receives mixed reviews for its performance. And when looking at it objectively, we can find many advantages.


In a word, “The benevolent see benevolence and the wise see wisdom.” But the reason I am here is not to change your opinions of it, but to offer you an objective image of the shoe and its setups. And let’s reject being a blind follower and stick to the choice in our hearts!