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Air Jordan 13 Retro Black Cat— the classic legend of Jordan

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Even Michael – Jordan has been away for a long time, but the story about him will never be out of date. In addition to the court events his shoes also a legend so far, As we all know, AIR JORDAN is the current generation of shoes have been introduced to the thirty-first generation, which legend we can talk a long time .

Design master Tinker Hatfield  has a amazing insight for designing Jordan 13 Black Cat .  The inspirit of generation of 11, 12 , one of them come from  lawn mower ,another one come from the high-end fashion shoes. And for the  Air Jordan 13, he was keen to Jordan’s game style and cheetah together. Yeah ,it is , even now we look at the previous video game of his , It is seems look like  a bit absent -minded , but once found the chance , he will take it and defense rapidly  through the defense score . That is exactly  what  a  cheetah  with hunting  in the jungle  like .

And there was a detail for design the Jordan 13 ,  Tinker Hatfield just show the design of shoes to Jordan , choked and once tears in his eyes, that confused by tinker .  Then he knew that what a reason for that . When Jordan was a child, he was teased by other children as “Black Cat”,  that  hurt  his feeling by  nickname .That is a coincidence that Tinker Hatfield not knew the story ..

The shoe box should be said to have a salute to the first year shoe box,which gray with a concave circle in the middle .And it has a  is a red trapeze. Also the side of the XFR logo is red.

Black shoes have a large area of reflective mesh cloth application, so that the reflective effect of these shoes quite bright.

Toe cap utilized the suede material application for  more texture.

There is a JORDAN connection toe  with the shoe lace hole

Shoelace system is still a very good  characteristics of that time .

The lateral tongue trapeze logo.

The bottom used the Black paint

And  Insole of shoes utilized  “Black Cat” pattern

The front and rear outsole , especially near the toe part slightly upturned, it is more like a general way of handling sole shoes.

It is a classic logo that set fluorescent green foil boats in the upper and bottom Panther eye.

The color of Leopard eyes  will be change in different angles ,roughly between green and yellow.

XFR logo on the fluorescent green foil outsole.

Overall , AJ13 Retro always a legend of  Jordan series, every one  can not deny it . Whatever a fan of the jordan .