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adidas TERREX Performance Review

TERREX is  a combination of the letter X and Latin word TERRA which stands for “earth”. The term represents adidas’s philosophy in the outdoor space and is intended to encourage more people to find themselves and create a new life in the outdoors. So what can be endowed in this adidas TERREX and what can we expect of it? Let’s have a look then.

On the shoe box are the classic three-bar symbol and a big Boost marking the identity of the shoe.

Upon opening the box, I was a bit astonished at the colorway of the shoes. It is a combination of dark brown, black and lemon yellow. The dark brown and black of the cool color department makes the shoe appear low-key and composed while the lively lemon yellow brings some kind of youthful spirit. In a word, the novel colorway makes the shoe low-key but elegant.

The upper has adopted gore-Tex waterproof technology that makes it easier for wading into the water. And the toe part is designed to protect our toes. 

Honestly, I like the most the integrated design of the shoes that the tongue is integrated with the shoes which, to some extent, can avoid small particles from entering the shoes. And because of this, there is greater space for adjustment that can be friendly to all runners of different foot types.

So as to get a better knowledge of the shoes and to escape  from the noise of the city, I decided to go back to nature and enjoy the tranquility. So the other day, I wore the shoes  and went to  a mountain to carry out my plan. And here are my feeling about the shoes.

Under the help of Boost, the shoes’ cushioning grossly increases. And the outsole also provides a non-slip performance for me so that I was able to exercise without restraint. In the process of exercising, I also found that feedback from underfoot could be apparently felt, which is rather important for outdoor exercisers, especially cross-country enthusiasts. So wherever I go, I am always inclined to take the shoes with me since it can deal with the different roads with ease.

All the way up the mountain, there are muddy dirt roads, stone roads, and irregular slate roads, but it seems like it is as easy as pie for the shoes to deal with the situation: it turned out to perform very nicely.

The three iconic stripes provide great support for the shoe that it can protect us from spraining the ankle.

The good wrapping ensures that AGRAVIC GTX will not slide during movement and the shoes hugged my feet tightly, thus preventing bits and pieces of debris from entering the shoe, and at the same time prevents my feet from being scratched by branches, stones or any other things.

On the strength of my experiences these days, it can be concluded that the adidas TERREX is actually a very durable shoes since there are not in the least signs of wearing out under my high intensity exercise. And as you can see in the picture, the shoes are coated with dirt, but the inside is as clean as it originally is.


After actual tests,  adidas TERREX AGRAVIC GTX did perform very well and is indeed the sincere work of Adidas TERREX.