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Nike KD 9 ‘USA’ White Red Performance Review

$99.00 Select options

Kevin Durant’s newest Nike signature shoe is in full motion right now and it’s the Basketball shoe everyone’s excited about. Is the new articulated Zoom Air cushioning great?

Now ,we get it .

Yeah , now I attached the outbox as below :

As usually , I’d like to collected the out box, because I think the details is important , we can see a lot from only out box

The box of KD9 full of dark lines which seems a tattoo with black .There is a big Logo in the box.


Nike KD 9 USA used the Flyknit as usually which backed by isn’t backed by glue . The natural flexibility of the material which  support while allowing the material to react the way when in motion  That is a great for us . The tighter overlay cross-pattern provides the hold by keeping the lateral stretch to a minimum.The heel is a mesh/fuse material which is just so so , but it work well .The rear section is textile mesh, foam, and Fuse, and it’s nothing fancy.But all of these done it job well .


Cushion was great, it felt heavy and too bouncy.Especially the full length used .

TPU bumps located towards the forefoot where the Zoom unit is segmented to provide flexibility.

You will feel that this setup keeps you confident and provides more than adequate energy retention on impact.

But I feel that it is will fastbreak in a short time  fot the bottom design.


3.Supporting /Fit

The KD9 support comes directly from the fit. For me . I need to 1/2 size down.If you were able to stay true to size, then your support will be fine (particularly wide-footers). If you have narrow feet and tried on the shoe that proceeded to have heel slippage, then you need to 1/2 size down.

The Phylon midsole is sculpted under the arch for a little stiffness there and the Zoom Max is cut away in that area to keep that sinking feeling away from that area.


There are a advantage for this shoes

Ventilation : That is great because of the Flyknit used .And the mash is help to ventilate.

And there are a special design that I’d love say .

The logo of the heel and the signature .As a fan , I have to say it is great for me , just like He with me when playing .

The tongue of shoes is red color which Durant design .

Overall . For $150 you’re getting solid rubber traction, awesome cushioning, nice materials, and hopefully a size that fits you.

go to shopping link:

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Nike Hyperdunk 2016 flyknit Performance review

$103.00$105.00 Select options

For the first time ever, Nike Basketball has added a Flyknit woven construction to the Nike Hyperdunk 2016 Unlimited . I was attraction by the colorway with red and dark blue .It has always produced some of the most dynamic and versatile performance models on the market. It has been a fan favorite.
Now we get it

This shoe’s upper is constructed with Nike’s Flyknit material. Flyknit is a knitted textile material that boasts comfort, strength, flexibility, lightness, and good ventilation.The most important is that the Flyknit ankle sock will provides ankle compression.But it will become stiff When you playing longer .  Flywire cables going across the toe area provide added stability and support, and Flywire cables integrated with the lacing system help to hold your foot in place during cuts or crossovers.
2.Fit and Support
For me , I need to wear a half size , my foot a little wide. if you have a wide foot then this is probably need to buy over half size Otherwise your foot will compression.
The materials fit snugly on top of the toe area, providing an excellent fit and support for the forefoot area.
Supporting — It is great .The laces are extremely hard to adjust and either cause you to experience pain in your foot or heel slipping since it would be too loose. The support in the toe area is pretty good.Especial for the ankle sock which protect your heel .

The bottom sole is pretty good . Durability is great . Also the grip is enough for playing .Hyperdunk
which features thick grooves and soft rubber arranged in a similar style as the Kyrie 2‘s traction pattern.
For me , After two hours playing , the bottom is
The rubber is soft, so you maybe guess it probably not be suitable for outdoor use. But traction on the Nike Hyperdunk 2016 Flyknit performs well.

full-length Zoom Air cushioning on top of with Phylon midsole for a “trampoline-like effect.” That is very great for playing . Without doubt , people was attraction for this setting .Especial there is not longer time when fall down.That is the reason why I would rather choose it –a little response, and excellent bounciness.

Overall ,  It is a nice shoe, but not nice enough to justify the exorbitant price tag which $200 If this shoe was priced decrease .The material is great and the colorway is attraction by passerby .It is worth to buy .

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Nike PG 1 Flip the Switch Performance Review

$83.00 Select options

The Nike PG 1 Flip the Switch is scheduled to release at select Nike Basketball retailers on May 5th, 2017.It is apart of the Nike Basketball Flip the Switch Collection which is inspired by the postseason’s electricity. As the only 21st basketball athlete that Nike has awarded a signature model shoes , Paul George has his work cut out for him

Today we get it .

Now we can see the out box which blue cloud with white as below :

It is not follow the last version which orange color .but we can feel the delicate .

Here are the score for this shoes as below :

1, Looks 9 scores

As usually , Nike often give us a surprise. Nike PG 1 ‘Flip the Switch’  have new design for the logo which break , we can feel the Paul new idea. And they are more details that we can feel the delicate .

The colorway is different compare with the last versions . The Flip the Switch comes dressed in a Black, Deep Royal Blue, Photo Blue, Blue Fury and Hyper Violet color combination. Seems more colorful .The base which features Black is highlighted with shades of Blue and Purple throughout as well as the forefoot strap. Completing the look we have a broken Nike Swoosh and gradient fades.

2, Material 9 score

The Nike PG1 features an interesting pattern that will serve you well on-court. This particular version of the shoe features translucent rubber, and while it’s better than what Nike Basketball has put out in the past, it still isn’t the best option. The solid rubber outsole and traction worked  normal .However the forefoot Zoom Air unit (the translucent rubber actually showed the Zoom Air section.

3,Supporting   8 score

Nike PG 1 ‘Flip the Switch’ use the Flywire to improve the wrap, with strip in the forefoot .That is why we can feel snug and comfortable .

And the vamp used the mesh which can improve the ventilation. We can feel great ,even we playing  more time . The midsole cups your feet, the foot sits well on the footbed, and the bootie construction keeps your feet locked.

4,Cushioning 7 score

Nike PG 1 ‘Flip the Switch’  loaded Zoom Air in Forefoot bottom, This setup is for those that want a more responsive ride for greater reaction speed. At the heel it’s just Phylon so nothing special there. We can not sink into the cushion and we can feel it bounce back as we  would if it were directly underfoot, but it gets the job done for the most part. It is  a worthy setup  in this price .

5, Cost performance

Yes  ,it is worth to buy for  Nike PG 1 ‘Flip the Switch’ . The looks is new and colorway is amazing . Especial for the the material . It i comfortable . The rubber is meet our needs . The supporting also great

Overall . This one worth its price .  Whatever the signature of Paul . But the new design of logo . And all setting is not bad .But all of series of PG  series , which one do you choose ?

Welcome to discuss it .

U Can Buy:

  • 2017-Nike-PG-1-GS-Black-Rose-Black-Pink-Blue

    2017 Nike PG 1 GS ‘Flip the Switch’ Black/Pink – Blue

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Air Jordan Super.Fly 5 performance review

$86.00 Select options

After Blake Griffin took his rim-rocking, high-flying antics to Jordan Brand, the Super.Fly basketball silhouette was born.

 Jordan Super. Fly 5 has been released for half a year, the price has dropped from the initial official price of 150 usd , and now only about 110 usd can bought. The shoe has almost always been a good performer , taking the main tech from the signature line and making it more affordable for team options and Blake fans .and the price is decrease .It is a good news for fans , is not it ?

Now we get it .


This shoes use the FUSE  material in vamp ,following the last Super Fly 4 design ,but have a  new concept of embroidery this time . The Looks seems improve because of new idea .

And the colorway is amazing ,with red and blue , seems fire in the feet when playing .

The material is soft and pliable .this material  transitions into a synthetic leather lateral ankle and heel wrap that is more pliable than the forefoot . The eyes deceive because of the forefoot and midfoot use a thick stiff mesh more along the lines of the super fly 3 .

The shoes use a full length inside for protection, with Heel Pod on the heel of the boot, and the TPU stabilizer inside the panel for twisting. The shoes use a full length split sleeve to keep inside soft and cozy , with Heel Pod on the heel of the boot, and the TPU stabilizer inside the panel for twisting. The detail stitching on the mesh is just that -purely for looks with no performance benefits ,but it does break up the look.A fuse layer covers the toebox over the big toe for .

The tongue is super thin and dont wear ankle socks unless you like bleeding .However , it is well padded with good ventilation through the body .But the lace system lets you pull up snug and they are durable.

2.Cushioning :

Most of us will be consider the cushioning . Cushioning setting or Zoom Air  setting  which full palm Phylon foam in the bottom ,all of these are lack lack of prior FlightSpeed or FlightPlate setting . That is the reason why people not satisfied . In fact, if consider Griffin’s different styles of playing, maybe we can get some explanations. Griffin’s tend to be more flexible in last two seasons .his good catching and dribbling makes him more like a defender. He was also pleased with the change. Therefore, the Jordan Super.Fly 5 may suit for him .


Like all of past Super Flys support is a definite strong point , and again , it all ties into the lacing system and fit .there are no special support features and JB even deleted any sort of midfoot shank from the blueprint .However ,the phylon under the midfoot is sculpted under the arch for a little bridge.

The soles are roughly diamond shaped, and it is seems very deep to increase the grip.That is a good design for this shoes .


Overall, Super. Fly 5 in 110 dollars  now absolutely nothing to lose. AJ brand is excellent quality. Although this pair of shoes is insufficient ventilation, but the vamp very fit the foot, protection is  absolutely perfect. Zoom Air and Phylon forefoot cushioning foam in the bottom completely meet our daily needs ..


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Air Jordan 31 ‘why not ‘ performance review

As a die-hard fan of of  Russell Westbrook, my dream is get pair of PE . finally the dream is coming true . Here I will share the feeling with you . I am tall 175cm .weight 70kg , as a break out guard ,I really like this pair shoes .
Now we get it .
As the same as Aj 30’s box . There are number 31 .
Air Jordan 31 why not
Every one know the Aj 31 followed the design of 30 . Knit and bit of blue orange embellishment together incease overall face score .For me , it is not very high point of face score ?

Air Jordan 31 why not

Then we will test in the plastic ground .
Wraping : 10 score .
Compare with Kobe 6, James 12 , crazy explosive,sc 1,sc3,hd 2014,kt 2 ,AJ 30 .
AJ 31 is more excellent .I usually wear size 8.5, but I bought size 9 of AJ 31 , because the forefoot have a bit narrow .The setting of the inner boot and the bulge to lock the ankle. It is as an ankle my opinion, The front foot is also very wrap compactly.
Starting : 9 points
As the shoes of Westbrook , forefoot zoom and flightspeed technology to provide the conditions for a good start, less the longer time when playing .There is even a feeling of prestige when starting up.
Anti-skiding :9 scores
Crystal bottom for anti-skid braking without pressure in nature be nothing difficult.

Cushion: 8 scores
As a pair of guard shoes ,For me , I am thinking of not need too much of cushion but only zoom in the forefoot, it is enough for fall down .

Stability: 9 scores .
uppers for woven uppers, which increase anti-skiding ,stability. People have more requirements in starting ,anti-skid requirements and cushion . Yes , Pe was meet all of these needs .
Here attached some pair of Pe ,which not release .

Air Jordan 31 why not

Air Jordan 31 why not

Air Jordan 31 why not

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Nike Kobe 11 Elite performance review – Kobe One year anniversary of retired

With the finished of the game , Kobe got 60 scores in the games Vs JAZZ , But his legend of basketball .Though he retired , the series of Kobe witness his talent .Nike Kobe 11 released in new colorway ,which similar with the ZK 11 , I guess a lot of people will say ; What the hell you think? However people will love it after for a while .

Kobe 11 is the new boost of KOBE, which still low design , seems like the sock shoes . Now I got the BruceLee colorway , but the details will be similar as Kobe 5 , but the texture of the logo in the heel will be more exquisite. Continue reading Nike Kobe 11 Elite performance review – Kobe One year anniversary of retired

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Nike Zoom Rev 2017 Reviews supporting is greater than last version

New year, new me – said the Hyperrev line, as Nike Basketball gives the budget line some Ritalin – renaming the shoe the Nike Zoom Rev 2017.

Nike has been known to throw in the word Hyper on a lot of their sneakers dating back to the Hyperdunk, so this name change would be a big shift from those times for Nike Basketball.Whats change for the Hyperrev? Continue reading Nike Zoom Rev 2017 Reviews supporting is greater than last version

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Nike Lebron 14 with new version  witness James legend of basketball

James become one of the legendary in the sport  from his 18 year old to now  which win the champion in 2016 . That is the most inspirational in 2016 . All of fans are cry for him .as  a great champion of Cleveland’s ,  everyone  are proud of him.Nike also catch the chance to signed the lifelong contract with James ,Nike LEBRON XIV boots was released in his first year ,Now we get it .

Though Nike Lebron 14 is simply , the details is very elaborate which signed by James


The logo of 330 shows in the heel medial , which  is the code of Akron —the birthplace of James . He love his birthplace sincerely , also 330 logo is a part of his body which a tattoo on his shoulder.

BBZ logo is appearance in the right medial of shoes , which from nickname of  his three children .

Sphere tongue :

The inside of tongue has one logo of Akron ,also have map texture of Akron .He shows his love for his birthplace again .

James used the fabric of Sphere of Air Zoom Generation, it is amazing for that  when i touch it .though Jame 14 use the new tech and new material ,but the details of tongue show the respect for the original .

His tattoo of left shoulder also used in the shoes. ‘  PLYR No. XXIII est 1984 ’ in the left hill and ‘MDL No.XIV est 2016 ‘ in the right hill .

Here are some details as below :


Nike Lebron 14 used the Hex zoom air this time , yeah ,Hex Zoom Air returns , but this time around the units are larger than ever before.It is a great news for the fans .  The three Hex Zoom units seen above are roughly 14mm thick — that’s a huge Zoom unit.

Do you remember that KD8 , it is not soft than CP3, 10 or hyperrev2016, but will be great , they provide upon initial impact is great and since the 14mm doesn’t compress much upon foot strikes you’re able to maintain a much quicker response time between movements than you would if you sunk into the cushion.


The new parts of grain in the sole , it is awesome for grip , O love this parts . They allow for greater flexibility which player in the court .For me ,but if it is the super grip for the player .Sometimes it will too much block the player , especial when move quickly .


I just playing two games ,so about the durability is need to time to test . For me , I graduated  from school , but not playing everyday like old days , so the durability not the top option for me .

But as my experience , the  material of sole  is great .especial support the grain of sole .


In terms of actual performance, the foam and mesh build do its job well. It’s flexible and moves well with your foot without feeling overly restrictive. If you played in theZoom Soldier 10 then it’s the exact same feeling. Some might not enjoy it as it could be too soft/flimsy for them, but I did.

Overall , The NIKE LeBron 14 is perfect,  Impact protection and overall mobility are two really great features of the shoe. Forefoot stability and overall containment upon lateral moves is something that is hopefully addressed with the Elite model.Though  traction wasn’t the best, it’ll get the job done so long as you keep it clean.

  • Nike-LeBron-14-BHM-White-Metallic-Gold-Black

    Nike LeBron 14 BHM White/Metallic Gold-Black 2017

    5 out of 5
    Select options
  • 2017-Bred-Nike-Lebron-14-Black-University-Red

    2017 ‘Bred’ Nike LeBron 14 Black/Black-University Red

    5 out of 5
    Select options
  • Nike-LeBron-14-Flip-the-Switch-Black-White-University-Red-1

    2017 ‘Flip the Switch’ Nike LeBron 14 Black/White-University Red

    4 out of 5
    Select options


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Nike PG 1 EP designed by Tony Hardman with following one of today’s trends

$83.00$85.00 Select options

It’s a club that consists of names like Michael Jordan, Penny Hardaway, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Kevin Durant. LeBron has called it a “brotherhood”.

Nike unveiled this past month that Pacers forward Paul George will become its 21st signature basketball athlete.

The Nike PG 1 , designed by designer Tony Hardman, pays homage to the ’90s era with its materials while also following one of today’s trends with a low-cut build. Continue reading Nike PG 1 EP designed by Tony Hardman with following one of today’s trends

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The Jordan Super fly 1 – Here are you best Ventilation with great support

$86.00 Select options

This pair of the Jordan Super Fly is set to release in late July. It is witness my high school life which playing with my friends .I remember that the happiness in the court after class end .

Here are some review and score as below ;

1.Appearance : 8 scores

Actually it is follow the sneakers fashion , I have to say I love the design of side and the logo of the heel . But somebody maybe not . The forefoot will be large  after playing  for a while for me . Continue reading The Jordan Super fly 1 – Here are you best Ventilation with great support