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Review of Shoes KD9 , Amazing shoes

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The KD 9 series of the first product equipped with Flyknit technology, full palm of the length of the cone-shaped Zoom Air air cushion unit, in the end with the forefoot at the ergonomic special settings of the curved groove connected through, and strengthen the natural Transition, while the heel at the groove to enhance the stability of the lateral movement.

Here are some details of review as below :

1.Super Grip .

6 corners of the honeycomb shape can cope with the emergency stop from all directions, very good performance in the room. However, it may not be suitable for a long time in the outfield to play ball friends, honeycomb shape, although the grip is great, but the material is quite soft,


The design of the new visual tecncial- Zoom Air! A solid foot for larger impact, it is will rapid reaction in forefoot. We feel the Zoom unit as much as the designers intended. The KD9 offers good impact The cushioning unit is 16 millimeters thick at the heel and narrows down to 10 millimeters at the forefoot.

“We increased the amount of Zoom and decreased the amount of foam,” Chang said, adding they looked at the cushioning found in the Nike KD6 Elite as a jumping off point. “If you guys play in Zoom, you’re going to feel more of that bouncy springing sensation that you like.”

3.Flyknit in forefoot

Nike use the Flyknit in KD series in the first time . It is very comfortable

Front foot Flyknit part of KD9 ,it is really quite comfortable, parcel is also quite good, KD 9 super quality texture than other weaving shoes compared with other shoes weaving super quality feel immediately! Color braided lines  can show the the work diligently of NIKE . All of small details will improve the overall texture .

Good TPU material

KD 9 whole shoes are soft and comfortable, more suitable for the front but not as suitable for the strength of the players compare with the Hyperdunk series . TPU is still quite good for the protection of the foot , it is will not be free to move, The second half of the foot also has a very thick foam covered in the ankle around the bottom, the whole is very comfortable.

However here are some disadvantages for KD 9

The front foot Flyknit package is excellent and has a high texture, the latter half of the mesh cloth material is more tough, and the inside of the foam is very comfortable. But the junction of the Flylnit and mesh  is a little stuck, we can feel something seizing ,and we will feel not lead to strong discomfort but always a bit awkward.

The Nike KD9 is a very good shoe and the crazy thing is, Nike put the latest tech into this shoe and are only charging $100 instead of the more Nikeish price

Also, according to Don, the honeycomb traction pattern is due to honey being Kevin Durant’s favorite food.