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On the depth of technology introduced – What is Nike Zoom Air

Speaking of Nike midsole cushioning technology, Zoom Air, come to my mind in the first .It born in 1995, not only opened the new chapter but also standing 20 years after generation of  Air Jordan 12 , all kinds of new cushioning can not replace its position, now it is become the signs of Nike . Today we will talk about  the legendary bottom technology  – Nike Zoom Air.


It called Tensile before Air which born in 1995 ,till now it is change its  name –Zoom air . It is inspired by the complex cable structure of the F-15 fighter wing.Nike Air Go LWP was utilized in the first .

The structure of the Zoom Air is actually a flat air cushion coupled with a  fabric and nylon fibers which composed a slow shock system .The fabric material is placed between on the upper and air cushion,  then a plurality of nylon fibers are fixed on the surface of the upper and lower walls by the hot pressing method.Because of the perfusion of the high-pressure gas will be expand, nylon fiber will be stretched taut in order to maintain the shape of the air cushion under normal conditions. That is vertical fiber  in the zoom air which we saw . If the filament is broken, the air zoom will be out of shape  ,which we called drum package.


When subjected to external forces, the air cushion itself acts as a buffer and shock absorber. It is part of the filament extrusion into certain elastic ball, and because of  extrusion, gas compression tension will be expand , which will produce the part in compression rebound force, Interaction force and recoil force to prevent part of the force to continue collapse effect, and the fiber ribbon back to equilibrium, this creates a sense of elastic. It is play a good supporting role that the elastic from the Nylon ,it have a  better sense of the venues provide excellent acceleration performance. All of these are used in series of KD ,LBJ  and so on

New Hyperdunk 2016 utilized  follow the Zoom air  with Phylon midsole , it is full of the flexibility and comfortable.



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