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Nike PG 1 EP designed by Tony Hardman with following one of today’s trends

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It’s a club that consists of names like Michael Jordan, Penny Hardaway, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Kevin Durant. LeBron has called it a “brotherhood”.

Nike unveiled this past month that Pacers forward Paul George will become its 21st signature basketball athlete.

The Nike PG 1 , designed by designer Tony Hardman, pays homage to the ’90s era with its materials while also following one of today’s trends with a low-cut build.

Now we get it ;

Paul George is a really dynamic player on both ends of the floor so keeping him locked in laterally was really important as well. The other thing too that he talks about was that he wanted his shoe to be the most comfortable shoe in the line. With the Zoom Air Unit, we know he needs explosiveness on court which is important, and he just putting the sockliner to the sneakers , that is comfortable .

The box is blue with white which have a signature  ‘PAUL GEORGE’, for me , the log of George is my favorite . Lateral of box have a signature Nike PG 1 EP, all of elements of box are simple ,but show the style of George.

Nike PG1 is lighter when I got it , it is just 400G weight .

And the special part is the lace system , that is the special design of George .

In the design of Nike PG1 strap, and did not like the traditional shoes, which is dynamic but not effect the movement of feet  ,This part of the design received a fin inspired by internal fins ridge support, while being wrapped in film.

There is some interesting Easter Eggs on there underneath the straps. We got the area code for Palmdale, California (Paul George’s hometown), and one for Indy in each shoe. On the heel tab, on the right shoe, there is a reflective strip on the back where he broke his leg, that’s kind of a nod to that, he wanted to celebrate that he had that injury and came back. So that is really cool as well.

George love Crusader ,so of it was driven from that.Crusader was designed by Hardman too . From a style standpoint, one thing that was really unique that he asked for was to kind use of natural materials, like leathers, which we haven’t used in years.

Thee lateral of shoes have logo of ‘5-1-90 ‘ ,the reason is George have his daughter in 2015 .and the ‘13’ in the heel .

When wearing Nike PG1, obviously feet feels tight . Especial the forefoot , but  it is will be comfortable when adjust the strap . you will find excellent wrapped and protected after that .

The bottom of the shoe also engraved with logo of George ,grip texture and scale is very similar the fish , reflecting George for fishing love – this is a pastime in his father’s .For me, I really love some of the fish scale . If you look at the traction that’s really like a multi-directional functionality about it in terms of what he needs but then it has this nod to fishing that is something unique to his personality.With the the 2K colorway we have the fish scales on the back part of the upper and what one thing that has been cool about bringing back some leather back in, it has allowed us to use canvas in the back and tell different stories about him. You can either keep it clean or add the fish scales like we did with the 2K.

The biggest feature of the vamp is the strip , which Yellow pull -up , we can feel directly the Flywire . we can adjust the tightness with it .

All in all ,The sneaker features a forefoot strap with Flywire technology loop system that provides adaptive support, while the Zoom Air unit and sockliner provide responsive cushioning.Without doubt that everyne will like it .


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