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Nike Kobe 11 Elite performance review – Kobe One year anniversary of retired

With the finished of the game , Kobe got 60 scores in the games Vs JAZZ , But his legend of basketball .Though he retired , the series of Kobe witness his talent .Nike Kobe 11 released in new colorway ,which similar with the ZK 11 , I guess a lot of people will say ; What the hell you think? However people will love it after for a while .

Kobe 11 is the new boost of KOBE, which still low design , seems like the sock shoes . Now I got the BruceLee colorway , but the details will be similar as Kobe 5 , but the texture of the logo in the heel will be more exquisite.

In order to  great performance review , I test by five aspects as below :

  • Court : Plastic court
  • Tall ;178cm
  • Weight : 66 kg

$95.00Select options

1.Cushion :8 Scores
Nike Kobe 11 used Lunarlon in the forefoot with the same as Kobe 10 . With full-length Lunar foam and integrated heel Zoom, the midsole cushion set up is definitely adequate enough for the everyday baller, especially if you play close to the ground. Also the Zoom of  Kobe 11 will be thick than Kobe 7,Kobe 10 .This is probably the most comfortable drop-in midsole since the
2,Protection 7 scores
Though someone will doubt that the protection of Kobe 11 with the sock shoes appearance. You are wrong .Flyknit used in Kobe 11, The Nike Flyknit construction that utilizes TPU yarn for lightweight durability is what makes the shoe stand out. This provides the flexibility that one expects from FlyKnit, but provides a lot of structure and support.But Kobe 11 have not use the carbon plate for protect . For both athletes or like me , even if there is no stable device can still protect their feet but through  muscle ,shoes are not  better if more stronger ,everyone’s wearing preferences are different, the choice of everyone is  according to their own habits and health condition.

I would prefer  Nike do with the upper is utilize the TPU strands a bit more strategically.

3. Support  9.5 scores

Due to the fit and structured Flyknit, they offer quite a bit of support along the upper. The abolition of  traditional bottom filling and cloth design, thanks to this, the outsole and the insole is closely linked to form a whole, so  Nike KOBE 11 Bruce Lee

is excellent in the court . The outsole is flat and features two prominent outriggers to help keep you from tipping over if you were to lose your balance.

4.Grip 9 scores

We test whether slip in the court of Kobe 11,which the outsole special grain . The result is great that in the plastic court .and then I test in another clear court , also the great .But the grip is according to the difference of people. Kobe 11 gripped on courts I usually have issues with, and it  didn’t grip on courts I normally don’t have issues with.  What I can tell you is that the flat little nubs along the outsole are dust collectors, and still would be dust collectors if the rubber were solid versus translucent due to the pattern itself, not the rubber.less stretch, more structure thus providing more support, and durability.   I can also tell you that the weird spine that travels down the middle of the outsole saves the shoe when traction is less than desirable. That section grips when the other section doesn’t. So, the more force that is applied the better that section will bite the floor.

Overall , with the last game of Kobe ,,koble 11 can said have new design ,but not stunning ,but it is great  for the money .I personally found the fit to be perfect. The midfoot fits perfectly, and the tongue feels amazing when laced up tightly.The great grip and protection for feet .


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