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Space Jam Jordan Retro 11 –Hot ,Hot ,Hot!

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Today marks the 20th anniversary of Michael Jordan’s classic animated movie Space Jam. The Warner Bros.-produced film paired Jordan with Bugs Bunny and the Looney Tunes, who he had first appeared alongside in a series of Nike ads promoting his Air Jordan sneakers in the early ’90s. Continue reading Space Jam Jordan Retro 11 –Hot ,Hot ,Hot!

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The Air Jordan Summer 2017 Retro Preview -Air Jordan 13s, 4s, 11s and more confirmed

2017 has marked the 20th Anniversary of Jordan Brand’s entry into the Chinese market, and they have celebrated this milestone with the launch of two new retail stores in Chengdu and Taipei.

2017 is also going to be the year in which Jordan Brand and New York-based artist KAWS are going to collaborate, and the model selected for this collaboration is the Air Jordan 4Motorsports,” “Pure Money” and “Royalty.” Summer of 2017 is also scheduled to mark the return of the Air Jordan 13 “Chutney,” while other colorways like the Air Jordan 13 “Flint”  will also make their comeback alongside brand new iterations like the Air Jordan 13 “Black Cat.” Air jordan 1 High “Red Suede” ,Air jordan 11 Low  “Barons” Continue reading The Air Jordan Summer 2017 Retro Preview -Air Jordan 13s, 4s, 11s and more confirmed

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Air Jordan XXXI Banned ,Strong regression

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The moment of explosiveness and beauty which scene of flying dunk of Michael Jordan with Air Jordan 1 “Bred”, seems to be injected into the XXXI, lead us to endless aftertastes. With the addition of Swoosh to the trapeze signs of the gradient of the XXXI, and the inner side of the upper wing Air Jordan logo, this is a tribute obviously Continue reading Air Jordan XXXI Banned ,Strong regression

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Jordan Son of Mars Fire Red – So beauftul the Laces?

Jordan Son of Mars Fire Red
Size Run: Full Family Size
Color:White/Gym Red-Black-Pure Platinum
Style Code:512245-112
Release Date:February 1, 2017

What makes this different from all the rest? To start off – they are not the kind of shoes you should be wearing if you want to blend into the crowd. These kicks demand to be seen with its fire red accents and pristine white upper leather. You better be sure you’re not diving into any kind of puddle when wearing these shoes.

Shoe’s Description

How do we start to describe these kicks? Covered primarily in white, you can instantly see the variety in texture and depth of the shoes. The trim portion displays a rougher patch than the rest of the shoes. A portion of black peeks on the center, adding a bit of contrast to the overall design.

The Fire Red can be seen as accents, placed along the edging of the tongue, the mouth, and the midsole. The outsole displays a translucent color that complements the overall look of the shoes.

Jordan son of mars fire red

What makes the Jordan Son of Mars Fire Red unique, however, is the fact that the laces seem to be covered by a patch of white. We’re hoping that the patch of white leather is removable or something you can strip so that you can gain access to the white laces underneath. For those who love to personalize their shoes, the center portion is practically a blank canvas for your imagination.

Basing from the pictures, the laces are plain white and flat. A transparent lacelock is added in by Nike for this release. The tongue itself is black with a Jumpman logo on the center, colored in red. From the back, you can see another Jumpman logo, this time stitched and in the same shade of outstanding red

One of the new Jordans to start the year, the Jordan Son of Mars Fire Red will be available on the 1st of February this year. For more good news – this is one of the cheaper Air Jordan releases of 2017, costing at just $160 once it hits the stores. Hence, if you’re looking for something eye catching without being heart breaking – this might well be the one for you.

Of course, there are other models scheduled for release in the following months. If you don’t think the Fire Red is for you, you can always opt for other colorways in the market today.

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Air Jordan 8 Take Filght Sequoia/Black-Wolf Grey- Outdorr Colors

At first glance, you might be fooled into thinking that the shoes are a combination of grey, black, and orange – which is not the case at all. Making use of a sequoia green color, the developers of this colorway opted for a rugged outdoor look with just a hint of Max Orange to pop out of the woodwork.



Air Jordan 8 Take Flight
Size Run: Mens, Grade School
Color:Sequoia/Black-Wolf Grey-Max Orange
Style Code:305381-305
Release Date:January 28, 2017

For the first time, they are also using neoprene materials on the upper portion. They are taking on a layering strategy with green at the bottom and the neoprene on top, creating an array of imensions and textures for the wearer.

The tongue is a study in black and this is where the orange color kicks in. Particularly, on the center of the tongue is the orange Jumpman logo – just jumping out of the woodwork amidst the mostly green body of the shoes. There is also a hint of orange on the bottom of the shoes, but it’s not something you can easily see.

Speaking of the bottom portion, the soles are a combination of black and green with clearly delineated lines. Although the shoes are mainly tightened using the laces, there seems to be a buckle strap along the sides, adorned with the words JORDAN.

The laces are flat and in the same green color. It definitely works well with the overall look of the shoes, but not exactly something you can easily replace. Simply put – you don’t want to lose these laces because you’d have a hard time finding ones of the same color. On the grey-straps crisscrossing the center of the shoes is the number 23, embossed onto the material. It is a little tough to see – but you know that it is there.

Although released images for the “Take Flight” are generous, there doesn’t seem to be any pictures from the back. Hence, it’s tough to say if Nike decided to put another logo on this part of the shoes.

To wrap it up – the “Take Flight” is the kind of shoes every man’s man would love. It has a very outdoors feel to it, the kind of shoes you should probably wear during a short day hike.

The “Take Flight” is part of the spring season Jordan releases 2017. Set for a January 28th release, the shoes will sell for $190 which is just about within the typical cost of Air Jordans today.

Of course, if the “Take Flight” doesn’t appeal to you, you can always opt for new Jordans slotted for release this 2017. As the Year of the Tiger unrolls, so too will new Air Jordans.

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Air Jordan 4 Royalty- Black/Metallic Gold-White– Make Way for Royalty

Make way for royalty with one of the Jordan releases 2017 as these kicks become available on the 5th of January. One of the new Jordans, the shoes will sell for $190 which is more or less what all other Air Jordan sneakers are sold for.

Air Jordan 4 Royalty

Air Jordan 4 Royalty
Size Run: Mens
Color:Black/Metallic Gold-White
Style Code:308497-032
Release Date:February 4, 2017

So why would you choose this one amongst the others? To start off, it is a “Royalty” edition, bearing the colors of black, metallic gold, and white. The Air Jordan 4 silhouette is not bad either as it utilizes a nubuck upper and pristine white soles.

A Glance at the Design
The shoes make good use of a layering approach with a mesh as the initial layer topped by more traditional plain black leather. The addition of gold is what really sets these kicks apart from all other Air Jordan 4 releases in the past. The gold is generously displayed on the shoes starting with the Jumpman logo on the tongue. The word “Flight” is placed on the bottom of the logo, also inscribed in golden coloring.

Air Jordan 4 Royalty

Gold metallic pieces are used as buckles for the laces, adding to the appearance of Royalty. Combined with the pure black coloring of this Air Jordan 4 release, you can tell that Nike aimed for “class” and “timeless” with this particular piece. In all honesty, it is tough to find another mid-ranged Nike shoe that carries the same distinctive prestige.

The laces are kept basic with a black coloring and a flat design. That is actually a good thing since this means you can easily replace the laces should you lose them at some point.

Air Jordan 4 Royalty

The tongue is also done in solid black with only the Jumpman logo as its marking. From the back, you can see another Jumpman logo – this one also using the same gold coloring.

The soles are done in basic white which helps set off the black and gold color combination. This creates a very clean feel to the shoes – making it perfect for practically anything from a McDonalds visit to walking the red carpet.

Air Jordan 4 Royalty

The bottom portion is a fairly basic combination of black and white with a Jumpman logo on the center – this one done in black.

All in all, it is a pretty sweet piece for shoes priced at just $190 by Air Jordan. If you are going to buy just one piece this year, this is definitely a good bet as the shoes hit that perfect balance of class, style, and pricing.

Of course – you can always wait for other models if you do not like it.

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Air Jordan XXX1 ROOSTER Chinese New Year

Air Jordan XXX1 Chinese New Year
Size Run: Mens
Style Code:885429-103
Release Date:January 28, 2017


It’s a little tough to describe the shoes so make sure to check out the exhaustive images released online. Utilizing a combination of black, white, grey, and a little bit of gold – the goal for these shoes is classic’ rather than attention getter’. Of course, Nike shoes catch the attention regardless of their design, but the Air Jordan XXX1 Chinese New Year has the look and feel of something that can be used over and over again in different gatherings.

The trim starts off black with a gradient movement towards white. Think pixels’ in design with the Swoosh logo on the side also taking in this particular look. By the time you get to the heels, the color of the kicks is solid white, except for the Jumpman logo placed on the outside shoulder of the shoes. The Jumpman is done in a shade of grey, just a little bit heavier than white so that it stands out from the background.


The tongue is also done in white with a small Jumpman symbol in the middle, this one done in black. What makes these shoes a nod’ towards the Chinese New Year is the chine symbol placed on the back of the tongue. We’re guessing the symbol means the number “12” in Chinese, but we’re not entirely sure. The question is: why would Nike put it there where it can’t be seen? Other CNY releases actually have the symbol on the outside, placed dead center of the tongue. If the shoes didn’t look so good, it would be a bit disappointing that the Chinese symbol isn’t easily visible.

Moving on – the laces are white and round, easily replaceable if you should find yourself losing them at some point. Separating the upper and the soles is a small streak of grey that changes into gold around the heel portion. The midsole itself is done in plain white with the outsole taking on a translucent hue.

How much would these kicks cost? According to reports, they would sell for $200 which is a little pricey compared to other Air Jordan products. They’re meant for a January 28th release – just in time for the Chinese New Year.

Stay tuned for other new Jordans that are set to hit store shelves soon.